Unique Identity Card (ID) to the farmers for Government Scheme e-KYF

 The central government is going to give unique identity cards to the farmers. The Central Government will issue Unique Identity Card (ID) to the farmers of the country for the convenience of availing the benefits of government schemes. The process of making Unique Identity Card is going on across the country. The process of preparing the database of farmers across the country is going on with the government. So far, the database of five and a half crore farmers has been prepared, on the basis of which a 12-digit identity card will be given. Through this, farmers will be able to get the benefits of various schemes of the central and state governments without any hassle. With this they will not need any middleman.

A pilot project is underway to create a unique identity card. Farmers of the whole country will be included in its ambit soon. Once the database is ready at the national level, it will be fully implemented. Only the farmers included in the database will be able to get the benefit. Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar has given information to this effect in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

In the scheme of making identity cards, there is a provision for verification of farmers through e-Know Your Farmers (e-KYF). With this, there will be no need to submit physical documents again and again in different departments and offices to get benefits under various schemes. Detailed information in this regard was sought in the Lok Sabha. On this, Narendra Tomar said that out of the total 11.5 crore farmers in the country, the database of five and a half crore farmers has been prepared.   Work continues on the rest.

Farmers whose Pradhan Mantri Kalyan Nidhi Yojana (PM-Kisan) is given three times every year in equal installments of two thousand rupees, all those farmers will get the benefit of this ID.

Along with the welfare of farmers in the country, many schemes are being run by the central and state governments for the agriculture sector. To take advantage of these schemes, farmers have to struggle every season. Once the identity card is made, it will be easy for them to take advantage of these schemes.

  There are many types of scams in agricultural schemes, which are taken advantage of by fake people. With the creation of identity cards, farmers will get rid of such people. Many types of information related to agriculture can also be given to the real farmers through this medium. This effort of Digital Agriculture Mission will bring transparency in the agriculture sector.

Advantages of Digital Initiatives

• It will help in taking advantage of government schemes

• Farmers will get freedom by handing over four documents

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