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 There is good news for the people who are interested in getting a Learner's License. Learner's license will be available sitting at home from the new year.

Now applicants will not have to make rounds of RTO office for learner license. After the completion of the trial of Barabanki, now the process of getting learner license sitting at home in other divisions of the state including the capital is started. All the flaws are being looked into. This ambitious system is expected to start in the new year.

 The system for applying for learner's license and depositing fees is already online. In such a situation, the hassle of coming to the RTO office for the Learner's License exam is being completely eliminated. The applicant will be able to get his learning license by giving an online examination sitting at home.

Need for a Driving Licence

No person shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place unless he holds an effective driving licence issued to him by the Licensing Authority, authorising him to drive the vehicle.

Licensing Authorities

The Joint Commissioner/ Deputy Commissioner and the Regional Transport Officers are the Licensing Authorities. The Administrative Officers and Motor Vehicle Inspectors are the Additional Licensing Authorities.

Age limit to obtain Driving Licence

An applicant under the age of eighteen years shall be granted a learner's license to drive a motor cycle without gear except with the consent in writing of the person having the care of the person desiring a learner's license.

The applicant who has completed the age of eighteen years of age is eligible to apply for a driving licence to drive a motor vehicle other than a transport vehicle.

An applicant who has completed twenty years of age will be eligible for applying for a licence to drive a transport vehicle.

 How to Apply for Learner's License

 Learner's license applicants will make their applications online. After clicking on the link, the complete details of the applicant will appear. Applicants will not have to go to the RTO to check the papers. Almost the entire process will be online. The applicant will have to appear for the online examination. He will get the tutorial on the screen. The exam will consist of 16 questions out of which at least nine have to be answered correctly. As soon as the seal of the officer is received, the applicant will be able to take out the print of his learner license sitting at home. The monitoring of the examination will be done under the Smart Intelligence System.

This process is still in its final stages. The exam for learner's license will be conducted online.

 Trial started in Barabanki in August

Right now the NIC portal is inspecting it. The possible problems and shortcomings are being monitored. Final test will be done once updated. After this, the new system will be implemented in other districts including the capital Lucknow. In the new year, applicants will be able to take advantage of this scheme sitting at home.

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