Rs 1000 Per student will get in Primary School via DBT for Dress, Uniform

 Basic Education Department, Uttar Pradesh is going to transfer money to the primary school students in their accounts this year.

This amount will be sent to the bank accounts of the parents/guardians to buy the uniform, sweater, shoes, socks and school bags of the students.

How much amount will be received: Per student 

  • Rs. 1100 / - amount is being sent at the rate of per child.
  • Rs.300/- to buy uniforms for students
  • Rs.600/- for two pair of uniform
  • Rs.200/- to buy sweater
  • Rs.125/- for shoe-stocking purchase
  • Rs -175/- for purchase of school bags

Appeal to parents

To get the money in the bank account, keep the following things in mind:

 In order to receive the funds, the bank account of the parents / guardians of the students must be Aadhar seeded (ie the bank account is linked with Aadhar) and active.

 For the bank account to be activated, it is necessary that transactions have been done in the bank account in the last three months.

The amount received by the beneficiaries should be spent only for the purchase of uniform, sweater, shoe-stocking and school bag.

Buy uniform, sweater, shoe-stocking and school bag within a week of receipt of money through DBT and must inform the headmaster of the school.

 Please send the students to school in uniform every day.

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