Railway employees will get paperless treatment News Update 2022 digital medical cards

 Railway employees will be given the facility of paperless treatment very soon.

Railway employees will not need to keep old prescriptions for treatment and line up in the hospital for treatment. Hospital Management Information System (HIMS) has been upgraded to provide better and modern medical treatment to the employees. The new system will be implemented before March. Then the employee will have to register only from his mobile. Message will come on mobile as soon as registration is done. At what time the employee has to reach the hospital, which doctor will treat? You will get this information from the app.

 Medicines will also be available as soon as they reach the counter.

HIMS is preparing digital medical cards for railway employees, retired employees and their families. After the implementation of the update system, the doctor will not even have a paper to write the medicine, but will mark the medicine and blood test etc. on the computer, which will reach the concerned department. Medicine available to railway employee as soon as he reaches the counter

Will be Similarly, the blood, X-ray test report will reach the doctor's computer. Here all the information will be available on the system of the railway employee. With this, employees or doctors can easily get information about chronic disease. If necessary, the advice of a specialist doctor can also be taken.

 In this, the Director of the Board of Health Dr. P Pant has issued a letter, in which it has been said that training should be given to doctors and employees to work on the new system.

How will the railway employee get the facility of health

  • Employee will have to register from his mobile
  • Railtel will give training to doctors and para medical staff

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