How to fix error in covid vaccination certificate? Corona Mistake in Praman Patra

 How to fix error in covid vaccination certificate?

Do you have any of the following errors in your COVID Vaccination Certificate?

* Error in name / age / gender / photo ID.

* Obtaining unvaccinated certificate even after the second dose.

* Passport details not to be mentioned on the certificate for travel abroad.

*Using someone else's mobile number to login to the COVIN portal.

* Incorrect mobile number of beneficiaries on the Kovin portal.

You can correct the errors in the Covid vaccination certificate yourself

On internet browser type Click on register/sign in option on the top right corner of the COVIN home page.

On the login page, enter the mobile number from which the vaccination was done and proceed after verifying the OTP of the six numbers received.

You will see your profile and vaccination status. For any error in the vaccination certificate, complete the process by clicking on the “Raise an Issue” option on the top right.

Attention !

Changes can be made only once by the beneficiary.

For errors in the Kovid vaccination certificate and any problem related to vaccination, contact the District Immunization Officer in the office of the Chief Medical Officer.

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