mukhyamantri shahri nikay swamitva yojana tenants Ownership online Application Form 2022

 हरियाणा के लोगों काे राज्‍य की मनोहरलाल सरकार ने बड़ी सौगात दी है। राज्‍य में फरीदाबाद और गुरुग्राम सहित सभी शहरी निकायों की दुकानों और मकानों पर 20 साल से काबिज लोगों को मालिकाना हक मिलेगा। इस संबंध में सीएम मनोहरलाल ने मुख्‍यमंत्री शहरी निकाय स्‍वामित्‍व योजना पाेर्टल की शुरूआत की। इस पर आज से आवेदन किया जा सकेगा। इसके साथ ही मुख्यमंत्री मनोहर लाल ने 'जन सहायक आपका सहायक एप' भी लांच किया। इसके तहत सभी सरकारी सेवाएं मोबाइल के माध्यम से मिलेंगी। 

The Haryana government has now decided to settle disputes over urban properties. Mr Manohar Lal, Chief Minister, Haryana has launched the Chief Minister Urban Body Ownership Scheme.

The land of Municipalities which is on Tahbazari / will get the right of ownership under this policy. Shops/houses which are let out will also be owned by the tenants. Ownership will be given to the tenant of the property given on lease / license fee / tehbazar.

The benefit of this scheme will be given to the person/entity who is in the possession of the person/entity for a period of 20 years or more as on 31.12.2020. The occupier will have to pay less than the collector rate to take ownership.

How to apply

For detailed information on applying for family identity card holders can take advantage of the scheme by visiting the departmental website and

 The Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Haryana has implemented this scheme from July 1, 2021.

Information, Public Relations and Languages ​​Department, Haryana can get more information by visiting the website of FO@DiprHaryana.

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