e-Kalyan Chhattisgarh Scholarship Portal Post Metric , Pre matric B.ed SC,ST,OBC Application Form Notification 2022

 The Chhattisgarh government has given relief to the students who took admission in the year 2022-23. Students enrolled in the year 2022-23 will also get the benefit of scholarship. All students will be able to apply for the scholarship till 30 September.

The online portal will open from August 2 for the scholarship of B.Ed students.

The state government has given a big relief to the students of B.Ed enrolling in the year 2022-23. E-Kalyan portal will re-open from August 2 for these students deprived of post-matric scholarship due to delay in enrollment. BEd students will be able to apply on this portal till 30 September.

In fact, the Welfare Department had received complaints about irregular BEd session and delay in enrollment process. On this, the Welfare Department had requested the Higher and Technical Education Department to apprise it about the status of irregularities in the session of universities and delay in enrollment. According to the information given to the department by the Directorate of Higher Education, the process of enrollment for the academic session 2022-23 of BEd is likely to continue till August 2. In this context, the State Government has decided to re-open the e-Kalyan portal from August 2 to September 30 for the students of recognized BEd colleges of the state to apply for the academic session 2022-23 as an exception.

The Welfare Department has opened the e-Kalyan portal for all courses including B.Ed from July 26 for the academic session 2022-23.

The portal will remain open till 30th September for this session.

Scholarships are provided to Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes students for post-matric scholarship every year through the E-Kalyan portal in the state. This portal for applications is opened for a stipulated time every year. After the closure of the portal, the verified applications from the concerned educational institution are verified by the District Welfare Officer of the concerned district, and the verified list is approved by the District Level Committee. The scholarship amount is sent directly to the bank account of the students.

In the year 2022-23, thousands of B.Ed candidates could not apply due to delay in enrollment when the portal was opened.

Due to the delay in enrollment, the state government has given the students a chance to apply again.

For the post matric scholarship for the session 2022-23, the portal has been opened from 26th July.

In the year .........., 2,77,972 students were given scholarships, including 14,087 students of B.Ed.

At the same time, in the year 2022-23, scholarships were provided to 293,389 students, out of which only 7,743 students of BEd were included.

 In this way almost half of the students were deprived of the scholarship.

Important points for students:

 Post Matric Fresh & Renewal Application 2022-23 (Within State & Outside State) registrations
(Last date for online registration and application form submission - 30th September 2023)

Students are advised to give their AADHAAR linked bank account number while applying.

Students are check their AADHAAR linked bank account number status Click Here

Already (earlier) registered students apply application by using your same login and password without register again into our portal.

 Post Matric (Within State & Outside State) Upload the Documents by the students
on or before 30th September 2022

Note:For any technical queries, Contact Helpdesk No's: 040-23120591,040-23120592,040-23120593 (from 10:30AM to 5:00PM Monday to Saturday working days) email: helpdeskekalyan [at] gmail [dot] com

Important Notes :
If already registered students,no need to register student again in our online portal.

For Post Matric(2022-23) Renewals ::

(i). Students will check Previous Year(2022-23) application status by using Student Login.

(ii). Students are eligible for Renewal Application (2022-23) ,if and only if Previous Year (2022-23 application exist and sanctioned/released the amount in our ekalyan portal.

For Students applying Post Matric application 2022-23(Within State),if courses are not visible ,it is mandatory that all the respective colleges should Map the Courses.

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