up old age pension scheme online application form 2022 ओल्ड एज पेंशन लिस्ट यूपी वृद्धा पेंशन योजना

 About old age pension scheme of UP.

• Applicants who are 60 years and above and who are below poverty line or their annual Income should be maximum up to Rs.56460/- in urban area and Rs.46080/- in rural area, eligibility under the scheme.

• Under the scheme, Rs. 500/- (Rs. 300/- royalty and Rs. 200/-) to eligible applicants from 60 years to 79 years. Rs.500/- (cent percent fraction) per month to eligible applicant of age 80 years and above Pension amount is given.

• There is a provision to apply online by the applicant on web portal.

• Applicant's color passport size photo, date of birth/age proof, identity proof for the application

It is mandatory to fill Voter ID / Ration Card / Aadhar Card, Photocopy of Bank Passbook, Income Certificate.

• The photo size of the applicant should not exceed 20 KB in the form filled by the applicant. and uploaded

The submitted form should not be more than 500 KB in PDF.

• In order to bring transparency in the implementation of the scheme, under the scheme

The verification of the covered beneficiaries is done every year in the months of May and June.

After verification, the identified deceased and ineligible pensioners will be removed from the pension list and their place.


वृद्धावस्था पेंशन
योजना के विषय में
आवेदन का प्रारूप
ऑनलाइन आवेदन करें
आवेदक लॉगिन

वृद्धावस्था पेंशन योजना पात्रता

  आयु  न्यूनतम 60, अधिकतम 150
  आय  ग्रामीण क्षेत्र Rs 46080 और शहरी क्षेत्र Rs 56460
  पेंशन  यदि आवेदक अन्य पेंशन योजनाओं से लाभान्वित है तो पात्र नहीं है
  मासिक अनुदान की       धनराशि  Rs 500
  प्रपत्र अपलोड  ** आवेदक का पासपोर्ट साईज फोटो
  ** आवेदक का आय प्रमाण-पत्र

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