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 Lekhpals working in different districts of Uttar Pradesh have raised the demand for transfer. At present 3000 Lekhpals  are working in the state. The UP Lekhpal Association has demanded inter-district transfer of three thousand Lekhpals. The union has said in a letter sent to the Additional Chief Secretary Revenue that during the Corona period, the Lekhpal has been working away from his family. Now they should be transferred so that they can go to their families. Union General Secretary Brajesh Kumar Srivastava said that in the year 2022, inter-divisional transfers of Lekhpals were done. But three thousand lekhpals are still working far away from their homes. He has not been transferred. He said that 50 percent of the accountants posted away from their homes are those who have the responsibility of two or more areas. He said that transfers can also be done on the basis of mutual consent or exchange. The Sangh demanded that they should be transferred so that these Lekhpals can now go near their families. The UP Lekhpal Association has sent a letter to the Additional Chief Secretary, Revenue.

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