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 In addition to the registered workers, daily wage laborers, rickshaw/e-rickshaw drivers, porters, palledars, boatmen, barbers, washermen, cobblers, etc. In relation to providing maintenance allowance of Rs 1000/- per family per month to those who earn daily wages etc.

Providing financial assistance of Rs 1000/- to migrant workers / workers / laborers

In 2022-23, the migrant workers / workers / laborers who came to the state during the lockdown period were directly transferred to their bank accounts at the rate of Rs 1000 / - per family. Like last year, in the financial year 2022-23, Rs 1000/- per family is to be transferred directly to their bank account through DBT. In view of the second wave of Covid-19, the data of migrant workers / workers / laborers coming by trains / buses / other means should be fed on the website of the government letter number-319 / A-11-2021 dated 23.04.2021 And by letter no. 323 / A-11-2021 dated 04.05.2021 it has been given to all the District Magistrates. 

The data of migrant workers/workers/labourers as well as seafarers is also to be compiled and fed on the website of Relief Commissioner's office,


 Providing financial assistance to poor families:

Even after giving the above amount to the above category of persons, such persons can be saved who do not have the facility of maintenance of their family. In this regard, in urban areas, the committee of Municipal Magistrate / Deputy District Magistrate and Municipal Commissioner / Executive Officer of the concerned municipal body recommends this type of order number 698 of Urban Development Section-9, in rural areas to install handcarts, khomcha, street vendors, kiosks etc. District Panchayat Raj Officer for identification of shopkeepers, daily wage labourers, rickshaw/e-rickshaw pullers, porters, palledars, barbers, washermen, cobblers, confectioners, etc., for data compilation and feed on the website of Relief Commissioner's office, , will be a noble officer.

In relation to the above subject, it is to be informed that in order to provide immediate relief to the poor and needy due to the circumstances arising out of Kovid-19, free ration of 03 months should be provided to all ration card holders and registered workers, other workers, all tracks, street vendors. The government has decided to give Rs 1000/- per family for one month to shopkeepers, rickshaw and e-rickshaw drivers, boatmen, porters, palledars, barbers, washermen, cobblers, confectioners etc. This amount will be in addition to the free ration being given to them.

The eligibility of confectioner should be selected very carefully from the above categories of persons. Only confectioners who do not come under the ambit of GST will be eligible. Dry cleaner shopkeepers in the washerman category will not be included in the category of eligibility. Traditionally working washermen etc. who do daily work for their livelihood, they will be eligible for this.

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