one nation one Ration Card scheme People will get Food Grain any where in India NFSA Portability

What is one nation one Ration Card scheme  

When a migrant worker goes to another state for work, then the state in which he goes is the responsibility of that state to ensure the rights given to the worker under the Food Security Act. Ration cannot be denied to a migrant laborer merely on the ground that he is not a resident of that state.

 The right to food is included in the right to life


 Registration of laborers in the unorganized sector will be done online

All workers will be registered online For ONORC scheme by December 31. The workers of the unorganized sector will be registered on the National Portal till August 21, 2018. All these works will be done by the Ministry of Labor. The ministry has not yet prepared the portal.

What is the constitutional aspect of this scheme

 The court said that there has been awareness about the right to food all over the world. All the governments have taken measures that no one should go hungry and no one should die due to hunger. The basic concept of food security NFSA is that everyone gets food. The court said that there is no specific provision in the Constitution of India regarding the right to food. The definition of the right to life in Article 21 includes the right to live a life with dignity and may include the right to food or basic rights.


How will the workers get the money?

The court has refused to order direct sending of money to the workers' account in lieu of additional grains.

 The court said that if someone is entitled to get money directly in the account under the scheme, then he can take benefit under the mechanism made under the scheme.

Where is this plan implemented now?

Four states including Delhi have not implemented the scheme, special instructions have been given to Bengal Four states Delhi, Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Assam have not implemented the scheme. It was told by the Delhi government that it has implemented the scheme.

Latest News Update of one Nation One ration Card | ration Card Portability | SC order | Judgement 

The Supreme Court has given important instructions to implement the One Nation One Ration Card scheme. The Supreme Court has given the government time till July 31 to implement it.

This is an important order given by the Supreme Court to the Center in the case of migrant laborers.

Till now, the states which have not implemented the One Nation Ration Card scheme have been given time till July 31 to implement it. The court interpreted the right to food as included in the right to life. Several orders have also been issued to ensure migrant wages and ration and food to the workers of the constituted area.

States and Union Territories have been ordered to prepare a plan to provide free food grains to migrant laborers till the corona epidemic.

 The Supreme Court said that the Center will provide additional food grains to the states and union territories as per the need. The Supreme Court has termed the Central Government's hiccups for action on the order of registration and registration of national data of workers in the unorganized sector.

The court prepared a national portal for the workers of the unorganized sector.

court has given instruction to register the Labour Details so that they can avail the benefits of government schemes.

 These orders have been given while hearing the case of migrant laborers during the Corona epidemic.

On the Central Government's One Nation, One Ration Card scheme, which facilitates ration card portability across the country, every state should implement this scheme when migrant laborers are spread all over the country.

  The states which have not yet implemented one Nation, One Ration Card scheme have been given time till July 31 to implement it.

The central government says that if the states demand additional food grains to be given to migrant laborers under any scheme, then it is ready to give it. On this, the court asked the states to make a proper plan for distribution of food grains to the migrant laborers and ask the Center to provide additional food grains for this. The court said that the states should implement the scheme by July 31 and continue it till the corona epidemic.

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