UP Gram Pradhan will get 57476 salary latest news update gazetted officer cadre

Holi Hai – Bura Na Mano Holi Hai – Funny News

Bura Na Mano Holi is in order, today a very funny post was published in the news paper, in which Pradhan is mocked for giving salary equal to the gazetted officer. The post became quite viral on online Facebook and also became the subject of much discussion. It also jokingly states that an order has been issued in this regard, and there is a possibility that the government may give this gift to the Pradhan in the election year.

According to this news, under the Level 7 Seventh Pay Commission, a salary of ₹ 44900 will be given to the Pradhan. Such a decision has been taken in the cabinet and even further, it has been said that the Karmik Panchayati Raj Department has also issued such an order in this regard. Even this was fine but DM Prayagraj Goswami's article has just been published in this news, after that this article seems to be even more true. In which it has been said on behalf of DM Goswami ji that the order of Principal Secretary Rural Development has come in this matter. Guidelines are awaited. BDO and DPRO have also been asked to take necessary action in the order of the Principal Secretary.

But till date no such news was neither in discussion at the Government level nor any such order has come on Facebook.

People have been told about this only through this news. Adding further to the joke, it has also been said that pension will also be given to the Pradhan, but the decision has not been taken yet. Out of which some government employees even said that the Pradhan should get old pension, like the legislators. Pradhan also performs social work like an MLA and has the right to get old pension.

Pradhan should also get all the facilities of the MLA but there is still a deadlock on the pension. It is being told that government employees are receiving pensions under the new pension, which will depend on the market. In such a situation, if the pension for the head is announced, the government may have to raise the displeasure of the employee.

This article seems so real that anyone believes it. With the increase in authority, the situation of the Gram Pradhan of the state is changing. He will be the Principal Gazetted Officer, he will be given a pay scale of ₹ 44900 per month under Level 7 asa 7th pay commission.

As per the decision in the cabinet meeting, the Panchayati Raj Department of Personnel has also issued an order for which necessary amendments have also been made in the Representation of People's People Act.

In the election year, the Yogi Adityanath government has given a gift of Holi to the government of the villages that elections are going to be held for the panchayats in the coming month. The government will give the benefit of this decision to the newly elected head.

 They will be given salary from Panchayati Raj Department, for which department will allocate budget separately. District Panchayat Raj Officer Renu Srivastava also said that like the MLA and MP, there was a long-standing demand for the provision of salaries for the princes as well.

 In this way, if the dearness allowance is added to the salaries today, then their total salary will be Rs 57476 per month. At present, the Gram Pradhan get just ₹ 3500 per month which then get is several months later. If the Finance Department approves this proposal, then each head will get a salary of around ₹ 60000 per month. At present there are a total of 1540 panchayats in the district, which will cost crores of rupees in the salary of the head.

This post is made under Bura Mano Holi, just for joking.

Therefore, you should not take this post seriously.


Pradhan's salary latest news update gazetted officer 57000 U.P.

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