Answer Key Questions Paper Civil Judge Class-2 MP HIGH COURT 2022

 This is to publish the Proposed Model Answer Key of the Questions Paper (Objective Type) for Civil Judge Class-2 (Entry Level) Online Preliminary Exam-2019 (Phase-II), held on 20-03-2021. High Court of M.P. intends to use the Proposed Answer key for the valuation of all OMR answer sheets.

If any candidate wishes to make any objection / clarification etc. regarding any Model Answer/Key, he/she may, submit it in writing, signed by him/her or by e-mail in Exam-Cell to Principal Registrar a]xam), M.P. High Court, Jabalpur, through E-mail ( within 07 days from the date of uploading / publication of the proposed Model Answers/Keys, mentioning his/her Name & Roll No., along-with self attested photocopy(s) of source document(s) / proof, which is/are the basis of objection(s) /clarification(s) raised. 

Objections received within aforesaid time and in aforesaid mode along-with self attested copies of the source/proof, document shall be taken into consideration. However, any objection received without any authentic proof/ source or after aforesaid stipulated period/time shall not be considered on any ground whatsoever it may be, and shall stand rejected without assigning any reason. After consideration on objection(s), if any, the Model Answer shall be finalized and used as Keys/model Answer for the generation of result/valuation of the OMR Answer sheets of Civil Judge Class-2 (Entry Level) Online Preliminary Exam-2022 (Phase-II). 

After declaration of result, no representation regarding Question/ final Model Answer, shall be entertained. 

22-08-2019 4th Paper of C.J. Mains-2019 

22-08-2019 3rd Paper of C.J. Mains-2019 New

22-08-2019 2nd Paper of C.J. Mains-2019 New

22-08-2019 1st Paper of C.J. Mains-2019 New

31-01-2019 4th Paper of C.J. Mains-2018 New

31-01-2019 3rd Paper of C.J. Mains-2018 New

31-01-2019 2nd Paper of C.J. Mains-2018 New

31-01-2019 1st Paper of C.J. Mains-2018 New

15-11-2018 4th Paper of C.J. Mains-2017 New

15-11-2018 3rd Paper of C.J. Mains-2017

15-11-2018 2nd Paper of C.J. Mains-2017

15-11-2018 1st Paper of C.J. Mains-2017

10-09-2018 4th Paper of C.J. Mains-2016

10-09-2018 3rd Paper of C.J. Mains-2016

10-09-2018 2nd Paper of C.J. Mains-2016

10-09-2018 1st Paper of C.J. Mains-2016

10-09-2018 4th Paper of C.J. Mains-2015

10-09-2018 3rd Paper of C.J. Mains-2015

10-09-2018 2nd Paper of C.J. Mains-2015

30-08-2018 1st Paper of C.J. Mains-2015

29-08-2018 4th Paper of C.J. Mains-2014

29-08-2018 3rd Paper of C.J. Mains-2014

29-08-2018 2nd Paper of C.J. Mains-2014

29-08-2018 1st Paper of C.J. Mains-2014

29-08-2018 4th Paper of C.J. Mains-2013

29-08-2018 3rd Paper of C.J. Mains-2013

29-08-2018 2nd Paper of C.J. Mains-2013

29-08-2018 1st Paper of C.J. Mains-2013

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