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1. The online competition for Mascot designing will start from  January 2022, 11:00 AM and last entry will be accepted at/before  February 2022, 11:00 PM. Any entry after the scheduled date & time will not be accepted.


2. A high resolution image of the designed “Mascot” shall be sent to the department in pdf format. In addition, this form shall also be duly filled by the participant by blue pen and in capital letters only and the pdf shall be sent via email to :


3. All necessary information is available on under “What’s New” section. The Department has the right to change/update all or any condition or specification. Participants are requested to regularly visit the above link for any updates by the department.


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Essential Terms and Conditions for Mascot Design Competition

1. A mascot of road safety of the Transport Department, Uttar Pradesh will be selected through the competition.


2. Designing done by all the participants in the above competition will be accepted only on the e-mail of this office. Mascot logo designing introduced by any other means will not be accepted.


3. Online application for mascot design will start from ........... and the last date will end on ............. at 11:00 PM. After this, no entries related to mascot design will be accepted.


4. Following is the standard of mascot design -

(O) Size - 10 cm c 10 cm

(E) Drawing or digital format

(B) Mascot design will only be accepted in the first format file of the first page.


5. The participant will submit their submission with the following attachments-

(A) Name of the participant: -

(B) Sex / Age: - Date of Birth: -

(C) Nationality: -

(D) Name of father / husband:

(E) Place of residence: -

(F) Name and address of the college: -

(G) Correspondence address (including PIN code)

(H) Email address:

(I) Mobile number: -


6. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.


7. In the competition, entries of candidates of higher and higher education (including technical, technical, medical and law education) will be accepted.


8. Only original designs will be accepted in the Mascot competition. Violation of the Indian Copyright Rights Act of 1957 or any Intellectual Property Rights of a third party shall not be valid. Any type of inflammatory, objectionable and inappropriate entries in the designing of the mascot logo and the mascot design that has been submitted will not be accepted if previously published in any print or digital media.


9. Any dispute related to any type of copy right that would have been generated by the participant will be the responsible participant himself, Transport Department, Uttar Pradesh will not have any responsibility.


10. Entry will be accepted by the participant personally. Only one entry will be accepted by a participant.


11. It will be the responsibility of the participant himself to certify the entry entered in the prize scheme of the Mascot Designing Competition. If the selected mascot design is selected for the award, in this case it will be given only to the participant. In case of any dispute, the Transport Department, Uttar Pradesh will not have any responsibility.


12. All complete entries will be tested by the selection board and the participant of the best entries will be informed on his email and will also be uploaded on the website of the Transport Department.

Of the best entry Cash prize of Rs. 20,000 / - and certificate will be awarded to the participant.


13. Best selected mascot design protected as Intellectual Property of Transport Department Will go, on which the participant of the best entry will not have any statutory right.


14. Transport Department to do partial or full modification in the best selected mascot design.

Will always be authorized and Transport Department, Uttar Pradesh in future to use this mascot design Upgrades and web-sites / mobile apps / social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and All departmental printing materials like magazine, hoarding, standi, brochure, leaflet, pamplet, suvinir Will be fully authorized to perform for demonstration. Best selected mascot The winner of the design will have to hand over the copyright of the design to the Transport Department, Uttar Pradesh.


15. Participants of rejected entries will not be notified separately.


16. Technical standards / amendments to be held in the above mentioned Mascot Designing Competition Web site of the Department of Transport.

It will be published in Mumbai. All the participants from time to time It is advisable to check.


17. Transport Department officials / workers or their families in the Mascot Designing Competition Members will not be able to participate.


18. The publication of all the above information will be published in the website of the newspaper, Facebook page of the Transport Department and the web site of the Transport Department.

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