Online typing test in Hindi English India Master Mangal KrutiDev Tutor Practice Test

 Online typing test in Hindi English India Master Mangal KrutiDev Tutor Practice Test

Online typing test in English

There is great news for the youth preparing for various government recruitment. Here we will tell you about some important websites with the help of which you can practice online typing test, that too free. On these websites, you can do typing using Hindi, English and different types of Hindi fonts. Apart from this, you can also put a timer in it, so that you can know how much your typing speed is.

This website will help you a lot to increase your speed. On these websites, you will be given words in a simple way that you have to type. After that, you type it with your keyboard in the stipulated time and you can check your typing speed on the computer at the minute WPM. From this, you can also check your accuracy level, with the help of which you can evaluate yourself.

Details of some important websites are being given below, where you can go and speed up your typing speed. In addition, you can use different types of keyboards. This is going to help you a lot.

 If you talk first to increase-typing speed, then there is a website named The Typing Cat, it is a very good website. This greatly helps in improving your typing speed. In this, words are given very well for typing, with the help of which you can increase your typing speed. Apart from this, you have been told how to speed it up. If you are typing in this way, then surely your typing speed will be very fast within a few days. The layout and volume of your key board, game and timing can be set here. Apart from this, you can play typing games here.

Some software also comes related to typing, but it is better that you practice typing online free. It is very simple. In this, you do not have to install any type of software and it gives you immediate results. So that you can quickly see your typing speed.

Speed ​​Typing Online is another website

Live status and many facilities are provided on this website. So start your practice today. This is a very good typing tutor.


You can also look at the third website.


Apart from this, if you need any more information, then you must tell us your comment. We will try to help you how to increase your typing speed in Hindi or English.

You can also do typing on these websites using fonts like Kruti Dev etc.


Hindi Typing Test | Krutidev Typing Practice | Hindi Typing Exam

Hindi Typing Test - Devlys/ Krutidev

Check your Hindi Typing Speed with this free on-line software. In this Hindi Typing Test you can check your speed in Word Per Minute and also shows your accuracy in percentage.


Online Hindi Typing Test [K010] - Typing Baba Typing Exam Kruti Dev Hindi


Hindi Typing Exam | WPM Test - Hindi Typing Test


Hindi Typing Tutor and Typing Test online - Best website


Best Online Remington Gail Free Hindi Typing Test Tutorial based on Kruti Dev 010 Font, Learn, Practice & Increase WPM Speed in Hindi Typing.

This online Hindi Typing Test Tool uses Remington Gail Keyboard Layout Popularly known as "Typewriter" layout often used as a way to write Devanagari Scripts such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri etc. This is a very common and popular way of writing Hindi Scripts and basically there are two kinds of Popular Hindi Fonts:


Kruti Dev 010 or DevLys Font


Mangal Font


Mangal is also known as Unicode font. While Kruti Dev or DevLys Font uses English characters and Remington Gail Keyboard layout to type Hindi scripts. This Means if u don’t have Kruti dev font installed on your system then instead of Hindi letters you will see meaningless English character codes. You can also easily convert Kruti Dev text into Mangal Unicode Format with our online Mangal to Kruti dev converter tool.


Remington & Inscript both are keyboard layouts don't confuse it with fonts. Many Indian Government Institutions wants you to type in Unicode / Mangal font in "Remington Gail Keyboard Layout" & some wants you to type in "Hindi Inscript Keyboard Layout". So, know which kind of keyboard layout you need to practice in and our site has Hindi Typing Test for both layouts Remington Gail as well as Hindi Inscript.


Hindi Typing Test - Kruti Dev 010 (Remington Gail)


Online Hindi Typing Test | Krutidev 010 Devlys | Practice

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