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 Caretakers will be posted on community toilets in villages, ₹ 6 thousand a month for salary and ₹ 3 thousand  for materials will be given.

Care takers will be deployed on community toilets built under Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin. Maintenance and cleanliness will be given responsibility. In lieu of this, he will be given a salary of six thousand rupees per month and three thousand rupees for the purchase and maintenance of the materials used in the toilet.


Most of the toilets that have been built to ODF villages have become disposable in the absence of maintenance. Now community toilets are being constructed in all villages. A target was set to complete it by 15 October. Due to the toilet being public, this vata was feared that its cleanliness and maintenance would not be done properly, but now the government has fixed its responsibility.



How will the recruitment of caretaker to the village in the toilet

A caretaker will be deployed at each toilet. As a primary, it will be given to self-help groups. If a self-help group is not available in that village, then a caretaker or scavenger will be deployed directly. For this, a meeting will be held in gram panchayats and it will be mandatory to fulfill the quorum as per rules. Handover to the responsibility self-help group must be done by the Gram Panchayat in writing. The SHG will make arrangements to deploy the sweepers. If there is a female community toilet, then the cleaning worker or caretaker will be a woman.


This will be the responsibility:

Care takers or sweepers posted on community toilets must clean the toilet at least twice each day. The responsibility of arranging cleaning materials and equipment, preventing theft in community toilets and maintaining orderliness in the premises have to be taken. Also, the complaint register will also have to be maintained. The name and mobile number of the selected person or the head of the self-help group will be written on all toilets in paint.


Cleanliness money will go to the account:

The caretaker or sanitary worker posted on the toilet will get a salary of six thousand rupees per month from scholarship and sanitation items under the 15th Finance Commission of the Gram Panchayat. Apart from this, Rs. 500 per month for electrical, plumbing, tap and tote repair work, Rs. 1200 for sweep, brushes, wipers, sponge cloth, mop, bucket, mug for cleaning once in six months, neutralizing materials like soap 1000 rupees per month for washing powder, air freshener, globs, harpic, gloves etc., utility charges like water, electricity, 1000 rupees per month for solid waste management and 300 rupees per month for other work will be paid. This payment will be made in two installments in the first initial month and the second in the account of the self-help group after 6 months.

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