Block Level Transfer of Primary School Teacher New Update 2022

 Very good news is coming for teachers, head teachers working in schools of Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Council. Basic Education Department Uttar Pradesh is going to start the process of block level transfer of teachers very soon. After 3 years, the block level transfer of teacher in council schools is expected in the last week of November  . Teachers can fill their application for their transfer online. Candidates will be invited online from their applications, after scrutiny and revision, the process of transfer will be completed in 3 months, so that there is no shortage of teacher teachers in basic shiksha parishad schools in the next academic session 2022 April.

Due to the transfer of block level, about 500000 teacher teachers in the state will get the benefit. In this, the husband and wife, sick teacher, army family and other needy people will be benefited. The block level transfer took place in March 2017 of the assistant teachers, Principal. No transfers have been made since then. Due to which teachers are not able to get their posting around their house. Most of the female teachers in this are troubled and teachers who are husband and wife, sick, elderly disabled are also facing a lot of problems. These people keep coming to BSA office AD ​​Basic, Education Council for block level transfer, but they have no hearing.

 The Director General of Basic Education has stated that the blocks will only be transferred after inter-district transfers. Transfers are going to start from July 2022 . Transferred teacher teachers have to join the schools in a week. After that, online application will be invited for block level transfer. Teachers will be transferred, removing the application flaws. During this time, it will also be kept in mind that no school is closed due to transfer, and all the important news of block level transfer will also go to you here, so be sure to subscribe to our website so that we can provide you with the latest update block level    transfer.

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