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 उपहार उत्तर प्रदेश होमगार्ड ड्यूटी लिस्ट up home guard nic duty list 2022  up hg

The Uttar Pradesh Home Guard Organization was established during the 1962 invasion of India by China. The main goal of the Home Guard service is to have a seamless service. Members of the Home Guard Organization are used to assist the police at the time of peacekeeping, internal security and air strikes. The Uttar Pradesh Home Guard Organization is also used as an independent department by the Government of Uttar Pradesh for the event of a disaster such as fire, flood, epidemic outbreak and any other emergency. Recruitment is done online for the vacant posts of Uttar Pradesh Home Guard volunteers and unpaid officers.


What’s new Update

Volunteer accident insurance has been recently extended from 8 hours to a period of 24 hours. Along with this, the process of replacement of duty of home guards has also been implemented through the system of software.


Description of Home Guard's Duty Operating System

Under the duty transmission system, you can enter your user ID and password and get the information of duty transmission at the following link. If you have any problem then you can definitely contact us.

         ड्यूटी संचरण प्रणाली  


Home Guard Deployment Profile

Along with this, the profile of deployment of Home Guards is also released online now. For this, first you click on the link given below. After that you select your Year, Month, Home Guard Regiment ID. After that the profile of the deployment of the homeguard is revealed.

होम गार्ड तैनाती प्रोफाइल


How to locate deployment site

 You can also find your deployment site online. If you want to get the latest information of the deployment list, then click on the link given below, then select the year, month, district. This way you can get the latest information

स्थलवार तैनाती सूची


कंपनीवार तैनाती सूची

In addition, if you want company-wise information, then click on the link given below and then fill the year, month, district. This way you can know your deployment.

Deployment System  ड्यूटी संचरण प्रणाली

कंपनीवार तैनाती सूची

19000 UP Home Guard Recruitment Notification 2022 News

Merit List, Results, UP Home Guard UPHAAR Recruitment 2022

Old website of UP Home Guard is  not working . please Visit official website 

Important Shasanadesh
Home Guards Act
Home Guards Rules
Recruitment Rules
Download Forms
Uttar Pradesh Government Servant Conduct Rules

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