high security number plates online registration for old vehicles in up HSRP

 In Delhi, it has become mandatory for all vehicles before April 1, 2019 to have high security registration plate (HSRP) and color code stickers. Vehicle owners have to get it installed before October 30. After this, a fine ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 may be imposed if the HSRP is not imposed. HSRP prices are different for different vehicles. For example, its price for a car is between 600 and 1000 rupees. At the same time, it costs between 300 and 400 rupees for two wheelers.

Today we are going to tell you how you can apply online for High Security Number Plate. So let's have a look.


To apply for a high security number plate, first go to

Here you will see two options of Private Vehicle (Private Vehicle) and Commercial Vehicle (Commercial Vehicle). Out of these, you have to choose one option.

We clicked on the Private Vehicle tab. Here you have to choose petrol, Diesel, electric vehicle, CNG and CNG + Petrol.

 We clicked on the Petrol type tab. After this, the category of vehicles will open. Understand in easy language, in this webpage you have to choose one of the options like motorcycles, cars, scooters, autos and heavy vehicles etc. We clicked on the car option here.

 Now you have to choose the option of the vehicle company. Simply put, you have to choose the company that makes your vehicle. We clicked on Maruti Suzuki.

Now you have to fill the state option, after which you will see the options of dealers.

Now you have to select the dealer. After this you will have to fill the information related to your vehicle. In this, the information of registration number, date of registration, engine number, chassis number, e-mail ID and mobile number will have to be filled.

After the completion of this process a new window will open, in which the name, address and other information of the vehicle owner will have to be filled. Apart from this, you also have to upload the RC and ID proof of the vehicle. After this you will be generated mobile OTP.

After this you will see the option of the time and day of booking the vehicle, which you have to fill.

In the last process, you will see a payment option, which you have to fill.

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