PPO Pension Payment Order Online EPFO ​​Download From Digital Locker

PPO Pension Payment Order Online EPFO ​​Download From Digital Locker
The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) will now issue pension payment orders online. Pension payment order will be issued online for all such employees who get pension. All such employees who will get pension in future can also download their PPO payment order online from the pension system. EPFO has made this facility available in Digital Locker. Apart from this, EPFO ​​has made all types of services online. This has made the functioning much easier. Till now people had to visit the office of EPFO ​​to get pension payment order. People used to get PPOs with great difficulty after retiring. How much pension will the employee get? How will his pension be made and how much of his money is deposited, etc. All the information remains in the PPO, so every employee retiring has the necessary documents. Till now, this document had to be removed by going to the EPFO ​​office. Employees often harassed the pension holder for giving PPO, so it was done online now.

How to get PPO
You can get PPO from EPFO ​​website. For this, you have to install digital locker in a smart phone. You can create your account with mobile number and Aadhaar card. After creating an account, the download will be released from EPFO ​​by putting it in PPO. Similarly, employees who have PF account can also download Universal Account Number Card. PF account holders can also avail this facility with the help of universal account number.
All the work of the Employees Provident Fund Organization has been done online. All the work will be done by computer for the convenience of the employees. All the services of EPFO ​​have become paperless.
 For the past several years, the work was being done in EPFO ​​or in a hi-tech way. Now the system has gone online. Account opening has been done online. Here people who have accounts, extract their PF, balance has just been made online first. All the work from the attendant to the employees was made online.

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