MHRD NEP New Education Policy | Nai Shiksha Niti for Primary Upper School and Teacher

MHRD NEP New Education Policy | Nai Shiksha Niti for Primary Upper School and Teacher read in brief  Download PDF File official
Government of India has released the draft of new education policy 2019. Under the new education policy, teachers will be exempted from all non-academic tasks, including mid-day meal. In the final draft of the new education policy, the Ministry has made various recommendations in the interest of various teachers and education. The new education policy has raised a lot of hope for improving the quality of school education. Now only teaching work will be taken from teachers. In addition, there will be a complete ban on the sale and advertisement of junk food in the school premises. The food regulator has also drafted on giving nutritious food to children in schools.
Details of the proposed draft under the new education policy are given below.
It is a great relief to the school teachers that in the coming days they can be completely freed from all non-academic work. Teachers will be charged for teaching only. Along with this, the accountability of quality of education will also be fixed on the teachers. Right now the focus of the teachers in the school is to prepare and feed the mid-day meal for the children instated of teaching. Apart from this, the work of preparing the voter list, census and other types, is also taken by the teacher.
In its final draft of the proposed new education policy, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has suggested to free school teachers completely from non-academic activities. At the same time, it will also show improvement in the quality of school teachers.
In its initial draft, the committee preparing the proposed policy had suggested to keep teachers free. There is a shortage of teachers in schools across the country. The posts of teachers are lying vacant, which is why the ministry can prominently feature. The sale of junk food in schools will also be banned. Along with this, advertising will be banned.
Under the new education policy, teachers will be promoted on the basis of their performance. In addition, teachers' increments and other work promotions will also be linked to their performance.

Important Points of New Education Policy- (NEP-2019-- 23 chapters)

1. SSRA (State school regulatory authority) will be made

2.4year integrated B Ed, 2yr B Ed or 1yr B Ed course will run

3. Pre-primary education through ECCE (Early childhood care and education) through Anganwadi and schools.

4. TET will be applied upto secondary level

5. Teachers will be exempted from non-academic functions, only election duty will be imposed, teachers will be exempted from BLO duty, MDM etc.

6. ScMc (School Complex Management Committee) will be formed along with SMC / SDMC in schools.

7. Teacher appointment will also include demos and interviews.

8. A new transfer policy will come in which the transfers will be almost closed, transfers will be done only on promotion.

9. Staff quarters will be built in rural areas, on the lines of central schools.

10. RTE up to class 12 / age upto 18 will be implemented.

11. Healthy breakfast will also start in schools along with mid-day meal.

12. There will be three language based schooling.

13. Foreign language courses will also be introduced in schools.

14. Science and Mathematics will be encouraged, science or math subjects will be compulsory in every senior secondary school.

15. Local language will also be the medium of instruction.

16.NCERT will be the nodal agency in the entire country.

17. Politics and government intervention in schools will be over,

18.state school regulatory authority (SSRA) will be formed, which will be headed by people associated with education.

19. The new education policy will end the fear of board exams, HRD Ministry has proposed to give board exams twice a year, the method of evaluation will change from 2022

20. Provision in new education policy, regulatory will be made for regulation of schools in states

21. In the new education policy 2019, promotion of teachers will be based on written examination, not by age. Merit based means anyone who reads will now get the benefit of increment, promotion and long service.

To see the complete draft of the new education policy in Hindi and English, click on the link given below.

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