Instructions to avoid penalty Negative Marking in Mains Exam UPSC, UPPSC

An important notice is being issued to the youth and candidates going to take the main examination of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission UPPSC/ Union Public Service Commission UPSC. Candidates are advised to avoid using colored pens and pencils in the main examination, otherwise they may face penalty. If candidates use colored pen pencils while writing the answer in the main examination, then there is a possibility that they may also face negative marking in the form of penalty.

The main points are given below for special attention in the main examination.

  • While answering the questions in the main examination, the candidates should avoid using mixed language
  • Apart from this, writing inconsistent / irrelevant things should also be avoided.
  • The marks obtained can be deducted as per rules on writing the roll number in places other than the place specified in the answer book, using pencil or red ink.
  • If the candidates have been given a special summary writing paper, then the candidates should write the answer related to the summary writing.
  • Candidates are advised not to tear off any page from the answer sheet.
  •  Only the non-programmable simple battery powered pocket calculators are valid in the main conventional examination conducted by the Commission.
  • Candidates are advised not to carry any communication device other than a pen pencil in the examination hall; otherwise, they can be punished as per rules.
  • While answering the questions, candidates can write in English script / Hindi in Devanagari script or in Urdu script, but language questions should be answered in the same language.
  • You may face penalty for writing answers to some questions in the same question paper in English or answers to some questions in Hindi or answers to some questions in Urdu. That is, the question paper should be completely answered in a single script.
  • Words can be used in English as determined by necessity.
  • Marks can be reduced on answering in mixed language.
  • The candidates should sign the verification and attendance sheet exactly as they did while filling in their application form.
  • Candidates will cross the blank pages between the question paper and answer sheet main booklet, if any.
  • Penalty marks can be awarded to the candidates concerned if they do not follow the instructions.

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