Gramin bank pension scheme RRB Yojana latest News Update 2022

Very good news is coming to the regional rural bank employees. Soon the government is going to provide pension facilities to the RRB Bank employees. More than 30,000 retired employees of the Gramin bank will get pension facilities. Government has instructed the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, NABARD to implement the pension scheme for 30000 retired employees of this bank.
The government has issued instructions to the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development NABARD to implement the pension scheme for 30000 employees. Employees have fought a legal battle for a long time to get the pension. For many years employees of the Regional Rural Bank Rural Bank were demanding a pension for themselves, just like employees of other government banks.
In April this year, the Supreme Court ruled in his favor. The Government has sent a letter to the Chairman and the top officers of all the RRBs in the country. The letter has been asked to implement the decision to grant pension. This letter has been issued on August 16, 2018. NABARD has issued notification regarding the Supreme Court order to be implemented immediately.

 How to get pension for regional rural bank employees

 According to the news of the English Business News paper Economic Times, the employees of regional rural banks will be given pension equal to the employees of other government banks and this pension will be given from April 2018.
The Department of Financial Services has taken the decision that the employees of the September 1, 1987, who were working in RRB will be entitled to pension.
Before 1 April 2018, the employees who started the job in RRB will also be eligible under this scheme.
The Supreme Court had directed the government to implement the scheme within three months, but the government has not yet released the Government Order / Shasanadesh.
 General Secretary of All India Regional Rural Bank Employees Association said that it is already too late in this case. The deadline set by the court has also been exceeded. The Secretary General of the National Federation of Regional Rural Bank officers said that after the release of the notification, we will study the impact of its scheme. If any kind of disturbances is found in this pension scheme, then we will fight for reforms and take necessary steps.
Unless the pension fund is created according to the rules of pension, the concerned Regional Rural Bank RRB will have to raise the fund of the pension from its functioning.
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