e krishi yantra anudan online up buy agriculture equipment subsidy scheme detail

e krishi yantra anudan online up buy agriculture equipment subsidy scheme detail
Uttar Pradesh Government is going to give grants to the farmers of the state for purchasing specific agricultural equipments. This subsidy is being given by Uttar Pradesh Government for purchasing specific agricultural machinery for crop residue management. The name of this scheme is “in see too management of crop residue”. The benefits of this scheme can be taken by farmers of all the districts of the state. The facility for purchasing of all types of instruments is being provided under this scheme.
Under this scheme, following agricultural machinery can be purchased.
  • Super Straw Management System (Super SSS) 
  • Happy cedar
  • Rotary slasher
  • Reversible M B Plough
  •  Rotavator
  • Zero Till Seed Less Fertilizer Drill
  • Paddy straw chopper / shredder / mulcher
  • Shrub Master / cutter cum spreader
How to Apply | Key Guidelines for Kisan Brothers
This facility will be given to farmers who have been purchasing the equipment from  ........................
The farmer must first purchase the above given equipment, then upload the related bill.
Those farmers who are already registered in the districts or who are not yet registered can also purchase these instruments. For this, they will have to register and buy from the Implement manufacturers or their authorized vendor only voluntarily without issuing any formal selection letter.

Grant Details for equipment buying
50% of the value of equipment will be funded by the government to farmers for buying one or two devices. Growers will be given a grant of upto 80% for setting up a custom hiring center of Rs. 10 lakhs for farmers buying three or more machines.
After purchasing the equipment, the bills will be deposited in the Deputy Director's office in the district by the concerned farmer.
The deputy agricultural director should also take the underteking of the minimum 10 ₹ 10 stamp papers to the effect that farmer has purchased these devices. If these instruments are not being procured during verification, action will also be taken against them.
The last date for uploading the equipment bill and Undertaking by the concerned purchaser to the Deputy Agriculture Director's office to the portal is .........................

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