Screening of government employee on 50 year for compulsory retirement, termination 2022

Chief Minister of uttar pradesh now going to start the screening of those government employees who is 50 year old and doing government Job. CM of Uttar pradesh now going to work on policy of perform of Retire.  Government will do screening of  incompetent employee of 5 years. Order regarding Screening of government employee is already published.
Ineffectual and fraudulent government officers and employees above 50 years of age in UP  are likely to face knife of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister following his order to slap them with compulsory retirement.
In an order sent to all commissioners, the Chief Minister has asked for screening of all incompetent government officers and employees above 50 years of age. “Those who are found lacking ability and unfit, need to be retired compulsorily as per the government rules,” says the Yogi government’s notification.
Through commissioners, the government has instructed all departments to make available list of such officers and babus (clerk) . this work be completed before the last date 30 June.
CM has instructed their department heads to take into account performance, public image and regularity as standard for screening of the crooked and unskilled officers with a recommendation for their compulsory retirement or termination.
As per the appointment rules, “any government employee above 50 can be retired compulsorily by its appointing authority by giving him a three-month notice or salary for three months in public interest.”
The Yogi government’s order has caused a waved among the government offices. If proper screening is done by their appointing authorities, about 60 to 70 per cent will face compulsory retirement for doing nothing except enjoying the government’s money.
“The main aim of the government is to grease up the rusted state administrative machinery. Only those who work hard and perform will stay in the system, time for others to leave the chair for the new ones,” claims party General Secretary Vijay Bahadur
About 16.5 lakh government employees are already facing the heat of the new transfer policy which orders transfers of those already completed three years in a district. About 40 per cent of the total work force would be affected by the new policy
Once in government job, employees in UP take it for granted that no one can remove them till they retire to get pension.
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