Up asha bahu latest news update in Hindi

Asha bahu employees of health department of Uttar pradesh are protesting since long time for compliance of the several types of the demands. They are protesting on district headquarters and Lucknow capital. They are saying that government of up using them 24 hours and 7 days in different work but govt paying very less commission and salary for their work. Asha worker said government paying rs 220 per day wages for MGNREGA, and asha worker currently getting only rs 75 per day salary and only rs 300 commission after 9 months.  That’s why they demanding to increase their salary. 

Important demands of asha bahu as are following
    Up asha bahu latest news update in Hindi
  • All asha bahu must be recognized as state employee.
  • Salary must be increase up to 18000 per month.
  • Medical facilities just like state government employee are getting after the accident or any injury.
  • Provide benefit of NHM Rashtriya Swasthya bima yojana
  • Provide new pension scheme under the swalmban yojana.
  • Appoint of asha bahu on the post of ANM.

Lets see what decision will be taken by government of Up in the welfare of asha bahu.
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आशा बहू ताजा समाचार  मानदेय भर्ती न्यूज़ सैलरी  लिस्ट
आशा बहू कल्याण समिति के बैनर तले विभिन्न मांगों को लेकर सीएचसी   में लगातार छह दिन से अनशन पर बैठी आशाओं की हालत बिगड़ती जा रही है। इनका कहना है कि जब तक मांगें पूरा करने का लिखित आश्वासन नहीं मिलेगा। कोई आशा यहां से नहीं हटेंगी। समिति की प्रदेश अध्यक्ष सीमा सिंह ने बताया कि वार्ता में निश्चित मानदेय 1350 रुपए के साथ कमीशन देने व दस लाख रुपए की जगह दो लाख रुपए का बीमा करने पर सहमति बनी है।
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