bhamashah yojana Scheme application form information brochure

For building a better society, empowerment of women is very necessary because women empowerment is mirror of social empowerment.  For the empowerment of women, inclusion of financial resources, and provide direct benefit of government through a transparent manner, government of Rajasthan launch Bhamashah scheme in 2008.

Bhamashah Yojana is a scheme introduced by the Government of Rajasthan to transfer financial and non-financial benefits of governmental schemes directly to recipients in a transparent way. The scheme was inaugurated by Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on 15 August 2014.
This scheme was relaunched after the restructuring and in extensive manner.   This scheme is the first scheme in the country which deliver all the direct benefit of government scheme or indirectly with full of transparency way. This scheme meets the goals financial inclusion for considering the family as base. Under this scheme each family now has given Bhamashah scheme card which is connected to beneficiary card holder of Bhamashah.  Bank account must be in the name of Female head of the family. Female head of the family can manage her account and use fund in the welfare of her family. This card enables with Bio metric identification and provides facility of core banking. Each family will be verified under the Bhamashah yojana and government will build comprehensive database of all verified families. Government will include the entire social and demographic eligibility stander for different department. 
Government will provide all the facility related to Bhamashah scheme like Registration, Filling application form, correction in application, Updation will be available at al E Mitra Center.  All those areas where banking facility is not available government will provide Micro atm facility / Locator which ensure easily banking facility  to Bhamashah card holder.
This scheme Is launched in multiple phase in the welfare of citizens. Important scheme like food distribution, social security, pension, NREGA payments, scholarships, Janani Suraksha Yojana, etc. now linked with Bhamashah yojana.  Under the Bhamashah yojana beneficiary of these scheme now directly benefited in transparent manner . 

Benefits of the Bhamashah Scheme

  • Ensuring empowerment of women
  • Financial inclusion for all sections of the society
  • End-to-end service delivery platform for cash and non-cash benefits with complete transparency and real-time delivery
  • Closer-to-home banking services to citizens
  • A united platform for a large number of schemes
  • Includes both family and individual beneficiary  schemes

How to apply for raj Bhamashah scheme
All eligible candidates can fill application form online. Software of Bhamashah scheme work offline as well as online. State government of Rajasthan has facilitated the registration process neat to the door step of the citizens.
For offline enrolment, camps were organised in each Gram Panchayat in rural area and in each ward in urban area. For online enrolment, various Points-of-Services can be used by the resident. Any resident of the State can also apply online for Bhamashah enrolment through the Bhamashah Portal.

The enrolment software also has features for updation of details like
  • New birth in the family
  • Marriage of an individual
  • Death of a family member
  • Change in address of resident
  • Change in any of the detail like bank account number
  • Correction in detail fed by operator

Bhamashah Card: The Bhamashah Card, with its ‘Ultra Smart’ features provides multi-dimensional bene􀃶ts to the cardholder. With an entire back-end solution mapped with the card number the card truly empowers the cardholder, ensuring inclusion to the best possibilities. The card is the perfect combination of ‘e’ and ‘Governance’ ensuring the envisaged eGovernance.
As the card relies on back-end data set encompassing complete entitlement profile, neither there is a storage limitation as in case of chip or magnetic strip-based cards nor is there a requirement of updating profile on the card-based storage. Thus the entire control can be managed from central servers.

Issuance of the Card
Family Card: Bhamashah Card is issued to the woman head of the family free-of-cost by the State Government, wherein the essential information regarding entire family is given. The Bhamashah Card leverages biometric identity of the beneficiary through UID (Aadhaar) and also ensures linkage with his/her  core bank enabled bank account.
Individual Card: Any member of the enrolled family can get the Individual Bhamashah Card by paying a nominal fee. This card, apart from being an Identity Card, highlights individual’s entitlements eg. Pensioner; Unorganised Labourer, etc

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