UP government Free E Motor Battery rickshaw Scheme

Recently Chief Minister of of UP launched the Trail run of the battery operated rickshaw the CM offices.  This scheme is launched by Urban Development and minority department.  This is a historic government scheme launched by Up government in the welfare of poor families and Minorities. After receiving feedback the government intended to provide such rickshaw to each needed eligible families. 
Government promised regarding the distribution of Battery operated Motor E rickshaw in assembly election. That’s why government started the distribution of this rickshaw. Currently this rickshaw is given for trail basic.  It’s expected that government will launch this scheme for all over UP.  This rickshaw will be available free of costs. This will be definitely helpful for those people who are using traditional rickshaw for earning.
Government currently distributed 23 Model of rickshaw which is prepared by 13 companies.  Servicing of the rickshaw will be done by state government.  Total 2 lakh 48 thousand rickshaw rider now registered with this scheme.  Starting prices of these rickshaw is rs 55000 and companies submitted their rickshaw up to rs  97000 valuation . Government will select any one of these model after that government will start the distribution of these rickshaw free of costs. 
All trial basis will be done under the leadership of Nodal Agency SUDA (State urban Development authority) .
Important details about E rickshaw
E-Rickshaw Queen the balance between quality and economy, better in quality lower in cost, these e-rickshaws are built for Indian roads.
E Rickshaw includes features like great handling and braking performance, improved quality of parts, high quality fiberglass body, robust design with a combination of metal and fiberglass, providing economically efficiency and an unbeatable performance compared to any other vehicle of its category.    E-Rickshaws have been engineered and designed to deliver an amazing performance, durability and a cost effective product.
The new FRP material is much stronger, durable and lighter in weight. Queen is made in India,   ensuring quality and performance.
Warranty and service is also available on most parts.

 Specifications of the 4 -Seater E Rickshaw :
Four-Seater E-Rickshaw with a maximum loading capacity of 380 kg (four passengers, Driver and 40 kg luggage),maximum speed of 20 to 25 kmph, minimum range of 80 km, Minimum speed of 5 kmph at a gradient of 3 degree and with starting and moving Capability at 7 degree gradient, driven by a brushless AC or DC motor of output power 850 W or above but not more that 2000 W, driven from a EV grade battery of 100 Ah, Confirming to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway GSR No. 709 (E) dated 8 October 2014 and Notification No. S.O. 2590 (E) dated 8 October 2014 and also the additional tests specified elsewhere in this document.

Sl no.
Remarks/Reference Standards/Test Standards
Type of Electric Rickshaw
Fully Electric, Battery operated motor driven
Four-Seater E-Rickshaw
Pedal Assistance
Not required
Reverse Gear
Maximum Speed
20 to 25 kmph
To be tested with full load
Curb Weight(Weight of the electric Rickshaw including Battery)
250 kg
Loading Capacity(Weight of Four Passengers, The driver and the luggage of 40 kg)
380 kg
Laden Weight ( curb weight + weight of four passengers , the driver and luggage of 40 kg)
630 k
For a tentative curve weight of 250kg
80 km or more
For a full charge of the battery,to be tested with full load at ,maximum speed AIS-040
Motor Output Power
48V, 850W or above but not more than 2000W
At full load
Motor Type
Brushless Motor
AC or DC
Motor Controller
Suitable controller for starting, accelerating, decelerating, driving and stopping the E-Rickshaw smoothly
Battery Voltage
48 V Nominal
Battery Capacity
100 Ah or more
Battery Type
Lead-Acid or better, EV grade, tubular deep discharge and high cycle life
Battery Charger
220/230 V Nominal Input Voltage, High Efficiency
Overall Efficiency of the electric rickshaw
75% or more
To be tested at full load with maximum speed for the full range AIS-039
30gradient-start & move with a speed of 5 kmph or above 70gradient –ability to start & move.
To be tested at full load procedure as per AIS -003
Ground clearance
180 mm or more
IS: 9435
Overall size of the E- Rickshaw
Length <2.8m Width <1m Height<1.8m
Glass windshield with wiper motor
Components Compliance to be submitted to testing agency
Parking& service brakes safe & efficient
Instrument Panel
Speedometer and battery charge indicator
Components Compliance to be submitted to testing agency
Fiber Glass or a combination of fiber glass and good quality metal
Start/Stop switch and indicators

Uttar Pradesh cabinet on Tuesday approved the scheme for free distribution of motorized/battery-operated rickshaws and regularization of 5,000 daily wagers, work charged and contractual employees.
The cabinet, presided over by chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, also approved the supplementary budget of Rs 19,000 crore for 2015-2016 and a solid waste management plant as a pilot project for Rampur.
“Approving the tender for free distribution of motorised/batteryoperated rickshaws is one of the major decisions. The state cabinet has in principle decided to exempt value added tax (VAT) on the purchase of these rickshaws,” said chief minister Akhilesh Yadav while addressing media persons.
The cabinet approved the tender of Kinetic Green, Pune, that would supply motorise drick shaws at Rs 1,37,727 per unit. A total of Rs 372 crore would be spent on the distribution of 27,000 rickshaws in the first phase.
SUDA UP website 

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