Maternity Leave for government employee मातृत्व अवकाश

Maternity Leave for government Female / women employee of Uttar pradesh
Just like central government and other state government, govt of Up provide maternity leave (matritva prasuti avkash). Maternity leave is provided by state government in two occasions for fixed time duration. Temporary and permanent both category of government employee can take maternity leave.
Eligibility criteria for maternity leave:
Maternity leave is given:  maternity leave is given from starting of maternity phases to 135 days. This leave will be only sanctioned for 1st child and 2nd living child. In case of third child, then no maternity leave will be given. in case female employee’s son is suffering from incurable diseases, or in case of Handicapped or Crippled or these situation is emerged in any of the children of two child then department may sanctioned your leave.
Maximum 3 times, leave will be sanctioned in whole service period.
Minimum time duration from last maternity leave will be 2 years.

Abortion or miscarriage leave: maximum 6 week leave will be sanctioned for miscarriage leave of abortion leave.
Employees are required to submit medical certificate with application form or maternity leave.
Salary during maternity leave:  full salary will be paid during maternity leave. Salary during maternity leave will be equal to last month salary issued by the concerned department.
This leave will not deducted from any leave Data however this leave may be added in other type of leave.
Maternity leave related information in Hindi
Maternity leave related information in English
Government Order for Basic siksha parishad Teacher page 1 page 2 page 2 page 4
maternity leave related government Certificate 
Child Care Leave to Central Government employees - regarding. PDF(English)    | PDF(Hindi)

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