up samajwadi awas yojna Details Government Housing Scheme

Housing is an essential human necessity of any civilized society. With the development of urbanization, cities have been growing terrifyingly in the last few decades, which have resulted in random development of metropolitan areas as well as sharp accommodation shortage. Housing and Urban Planning Department was established to make sure designed growth of urban areas and create an enabling atmosphere to offer reasonably priced housing. The multiplicity of urban laws has always been a nightmare for the urban populace. Lack of information and transparency in official transactions were some of the factors accountable for this state of affairs. The Department has taken a step to reach the citizens to make them aware of the laws, policies, programmes and technical simplifications carried out.
Samajwadi Awas Yojana is one the most popular and affordable government scheme which is launched for urban areas for full filling the needs of Houses in very affordable price for different categories of Uttar pradesh. Uttar pradesh government initiated this samajwadi avas yojana by the help of Public private partnership. Chief Minister of uttar pradesh has already given there approval regarding the Samajwadi Avas Vikas Yojana.  Government already providing free of cost houses in rural areas through the India Gandhi Avas Yojana as well as Dr Lohiya Samagra Gavan Avas Vikas Yojana.  But these schemes were focused only on rural areas. Citizens of middle class urban areas waiting samajwadi Awas yojana which will provide houses in cheap rates in Urban area . cabinet of Up has given there approval for the plan of samajwadi Vikas yojana. In first phase of this scheme government will provide 3 lakh houses in Urban areas on very affordable prices. Development of these building will be done through Avas Vikas parishad AVP and district development authority.  Government will use such lands which were not used since long time. Government also working building new houses in urban areas. Under this scheme government will develop new and cheap houses in  small cities and town  .  Government also fixed the rate for these houses.  2500 per square fit rate set for small cities.  Government also offered private builder for construction and distribution of flats.  All those candidates who were registered in his scheme they will get there flats in fixed time. 
Such flats will be developed in those land which is not used. In case land is not available then government will do a contract with land holder for construction of Home.  55% befit of land will be share with land Owner , 25% share of benefit will be distributed to government . 20% share of benefit will be share with developer. Awas bandhu will help in selling such flats. These Awas bandhu will work on single window system and helps developer or Builder in each steps of construction.

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Important Information regarding the UP Samajwadi Awas Vikas yojana as are following
Official GO / Shashnadesh No 74/3492/8-1-14-34 Baithak /14 Dated 12 December 2014 regardin the Samajwadi Avas yojana was published for providing affordable houses to all financial group of families as well as all category of the families of Rural and Urban areas .  This scheme will be helpful changing the lifestyle of urban areas of Middle class in a systematic manger. 
Target of Samajwadi Pension Yojana: government focusing under this scheme for lower class and Middle Class family. Such type of house will included 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and Latrine, and 1 corridor. Carpet area will be 75 Square meter.  Construction expenditure will be 15 to 30 lakh . 
Execution of this scheme and Process of Construction:  construction and Flat will be providing through the Development authorities of different district.  Government will also included private contractor also for providing home without any disturbance .  Government will develop 2 to 3 lakh flat within 2 year .
Land will be used which are unused and acquired by development authorities and other government department.  Minimum required land will be 5 acar and maximum land will be 100 akad .

Prices of flats will be as are following
NCR area : rs 3000 Square Fit
Metro Area : rs 2800 per square fit
Other Cities : rs 2500 per square fit
All cleared will be done through the Avas bandu Single window clearance facility .

Download official GO in PDF for Complete Information

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