UPPSC previous Year Solved Question Paper Answer Key 2022

Uttar pradesh Lok Sewa Ayog this year conduct approximately more then 10 big examination like combined state upper subordinate service (UP PCS Pre and Main), UP Judicial service examination for PCS J Civil judge Junior Division, RO review officer, ARO assistant review officer, Lower PCS, Food and sanitary inspector, , DIET SCERT Lecturer examination,  Engineering service , AE, JE and many other posts .
In the month of January 2022 Uttar pradesh public service commission UPPSC will conduct DIET Pravakta examination on  , Food and sanitary inspector examination  etc.
After that UP PSC will conduct written examination for forest ranger, forest conservator posts  on   ,  Homeopathy  / ayurvedic screening examination  and Samiksha adhikari , sahayak Samiksha recruitment examination  on state level . 
  commission will conduct written examination lecturer of Government inter college GIC / GGIC posts.
One thing is common in all examination general study, General awareness question will be asked in mostly all examination. Without having a good command, preparation strategy you cant crack this GS general Aptitude test.  Questions of UP PCS CSAT now covering mostly all section of general awareness. so guys try so solve more and more previous year question paper which were asked in previous year UP PSC examination. this will boos your confidence level and making a solid strategy for cracking UPPSC examination in first attempt . continuously providing model sample question paper with answer key, previous year solved question which was asked in Public service examination of different state and UPSC, Bank , SSC, Railway ,and other organization . 
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Now We Brought previous year question which general Study GS (Samanya adhyan / Samanya Gyan) of PCS J examination 2013.

We also published answer key of following questions.  If you found any wrong answer in answer sheet the posts your comment here. 
Following questions are very important as per as per concern of Upcoming Lok Sewa Ayog Uttar pradesh Bharti pariksha . 

UPPSC Lower PCS Pre exam 2022 :
UPPSC Lower Subordinate mains exam 

51. Who was the Chief Minister of Jharkhand at the time of imposition of President Rule in the State of January 2013?
(A) Karia Munda          (B) MadhuKoda           (C) Babulal Marandi     (D) ArjunMunda

52. Elections were conducted in February 2013 in
(A) Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur      (B) Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya
(C) Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya        (D) Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur

53. in which one of the following States the largest number of factories are located, according to the interim result of the annual survey of industries released recently?
(A) Gujarat (B) Karnataka        (C) Maharashtra (D) Tamil Nadu

54. Government of India on 1st February 2013 awarded Maharatna’ to which two Public
Sector Companies?
A) BHEL & GAIL       (B) GAIL & Coal India Ltd.
(C) Coal India Ltd. and BHEL  (D) None of the above

55. Which version of Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile was successfully testified by India in March 2013?
(A) Air-craft version     (B) Ship version           
(C) Land version          (D) Sub-marine version

56. Who became Chief Minister of Meghalaya after 2013 Vidhan Sabha elections?
(A) P.A. Sangma          (B) Agatha Sangma     
(C) Mukul Sangma       (D) Williamson Sangma

57. Who among the following has recently (February 2013) become the President of the
Sahitya Academy?
(A) Chandrashekhar Kanwar    (B) Kalyan Kumar Chakravarti
(C) Karan Singh           (0) Vishwanath Tiwari

58. Who has been appointed the Chairman of the 20th Law Commission by Government-of India  in January 2013?
(A) Justice O.K. Jam    (B) Jutice SN. Jha       
(C) Justice D.N. Rai     (D) Justice P.C. Lahoti

59. As perthe Notification of the U.P. Government the production and sale of Gutka has been banned with effect from
(A) 2nd October, 2012            (B) 31st January, 2013
(C) 1st March, 2013    (D) 1st April, 2013

60. Name the player of the Indian Cricket team who on January 4th, 2013 was honored with the ‘CEAT International Cricketer’ of the year 2012 Award
(A) Yuvraj Singh (B) Gautam Gambhir (C) MS. Dhoni (D) Virat Kohli

61. Who among the following has won Gold Medal in 25 meter Pistol Competition Final of ISSF World Cup organized at Changwan, Korea recently (March/April 2013)?
(A) Anjali Bhagwat (B) Rahi Sarnobat (C) Ranjan Sodhi (D) Sanjeev Rajput

62. Who was declared “Man of the Series” in India—Australia test series held in February- March, 2013?
(A) Cheteshwar Pujara (B) MS. Dhoni
(C) Ravindra Jadeja                  (D) R. Ashwin

63, Who was made captain of Indian Women Cricket team for the series of one day cricket matches against Bangladesh in April 2013?
(A) Harman Preet Kaur            (B) Mitali Raj
(C) Poonam Raut                     (D) Gurjeet Kaur

64. Where was 11th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas    Conference neld from 7 to 9 January, 2013?
(A) Ahmedabad           (B) Hyderabad
(C) Kochi                    (D) Surat

65. After becoming President, which country did Pranab Mukherlee visit first?
(A) Bangladesh (B) Kazakhstan           
(C) Myanmar               (D) Mauritius

66. The lndo-French Satellite ‘SARAL’ was launched by ISRO on
(A) 25th February, 2013          (B) 25th September, 2012
(C) 25th June, 2010                 (D) 25th January, 2009

67. On 22nd January, 2013, which one of the following countries signed anti-terror and tax evasion agreements with India?
(A) Sri Lanka (B) Bangladesh (C) Pakistan (D) China

68. Name the scientist of Indian origin who was awarded National Medal of Technology and Innovation by American President on February 1, 2013
(A) Ramaswamj Srinivasan       (B) C. Chandrashekharan
(C) Venkatraman                      (D) Srinivasan Reddy

69. Who among the following was the Chief Justice of Nepal who assumed the post of Country’s Chief Executive in March, 2013?
(A) Rena Bhagwan Das            (B) Khil Re) Regmi
(C) Babulal Bhattarai    (D) Laxmikant Rana

70. Who became the first lady President of South Korea in February 2013?
(A) Park Jong-sun        (B) Park Geun-hye
(C) Kang Ji-won          (D) Kim Soon-ja

71. Name the Law under which the Government of Saudi Arab have reserved 10% jobs in medium and small business in the country for local people w.e.f. 1st April, 2013
(A) Haqiqat Law          (B) Nitaqat Law           (C) Siasat Law             (D) Zamanat Law

72. 43rd Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum was held on 23-27 January. 2013 at
(A) Berlin (B) Davoa    (C) Moscow (D) Lorsdcn

73. Which one of the following countries in mid February 2013 staged its most powerful
nuclear test to date?
(A) South Korea (B) iran          (C) Pakistan (D) North Korea

74. In January 2013 Milos Zeman was elected President of
(A) Czeck Republic      (B) Greece       (C) Serbia        (D) Slovakia

75. Who is the new President of china  
(A) Xi Jinping (B) Hu Zlntao     (C) Li Keqiang (D) Shizo Abe

76. BRICS Summit was held in March 2013 in
(A) Capetown (B) Durban       (C) Johannesburg         (D) Pretoria

77. Which one of the following Countries will host the Commonwealth Games, 2014?
(A) Australia (B) Sri Lanka       (C) Scotland (D) Canada

78. The Planet nearest to the Sun is
(A) Venus (B) Mercury (C) Pluto (D) Jupiter

79. An astronomical unit is related to
(A) the distance between the Sun and the Earth
(B) the distance between the Moon and the Earth
(C) the distance between the Sun and the Moon
(D) None of the above

80. Rice polishing is rich in
(A) lactoflavjn               (B) calciferol     (C) tocopherol              (D) aneurin

81. The three primary colors are
(A) Green, Yellow, Red            (B) Blue, Yellow, Red
(C) Blue, Red, Green                (D) Blue, Yellow, Green

82. The smallest unit of computer data is
(A) Bit (B) Byte (C) Megabyte (D) Kilobyte

83. Wi MAX is related to which one of the following?
(A) Biotechnology        (B) Space technology -
(C) Missile technology (D) Communication technology

84. Acid Rain is caused due to the presence of the following gases in the air?
(A) N2 and O3            (B) NH3 and Cl2         (C) SO2 and NO2       (D) O3 and N2

85. The sky appears blue due to
(A) Refraction (B) Reflection                (C) Scattering (D) Dispersion

86. Which one of the following radio active elements is found in large amounts in India?
(A) Radium (B) Thorium           (C) Plutonium (D) Uranium

87. The dumber of Chromosome pairs in human body is
(A) 23  (8) 42               (C) 46              (D) None of the above

88. A jet engine works on the Principle of Conservation of
(A) Energy       (B) Mass          (C) Linear momentum               (D) Angular momentum

89. Which one of the following is the best conductor of heat?
(A) Water (B) Mercury (C) Wood (D) Leather

90. Heavy Water is
(A) ice              (B) waterat4°C
(C) solution of sugar in water (D) deuterium oxide

91. A solar cell is a device that converts
(A) light energy into heat energy            (B) heat energy into electrical energy
(C) electrical energy into light energy (D) light energy into electrical energy

92. The chemical compound in the common salt Is
(A) potassium nitrate     (B) ammonium chloride
(C) calcium carbonate   (D) sodium chloride

93. Which one of the following is used in making bullet proof materials?
(A) Polyvinyl chloride   (B) Polycarbonate       
(C) Polyethylene                       (D) Polyamide

94. When the speed of a moving object is doubled, its
(A) acceleration is doubled       (B) kinetic energy is doubled
(C) kinetic energy increases four times   (D) weight is doubled
95. A microwave oven uses
(A) infrared rays           (B) ultraviolet rays
(C) radio waves of very short wavelengths’      
(D) radio waves of long wavelengths

96. Which one of the following gases is ejected from volcanic hills?
(A) Hydrogen               (B) Nitrogen                 (C) Chlorine     (D) Sulphur dioxide

97. ISRO on 9th September, 2012 launched 100th Space Vehicles. What is the name of it?
(A) AGNI V                (B) PLSVC2O             (C) PLSVC21              (D) ANTRIX 100

98. Which of the following sites of Happen culture are located in Sind?
1 Harappa        2 Mohenjodaro            3 Chanhudaro   4 Surkotda      

Indicate the correct answer from the code given below:
(A) 1 and 2      (B) 2and3         (C) 3and4        (U) 1,2,3and4

99. Rivers Ganga and Yamuna are mentioned together for the first time in
(A) Rigveda      (B) Atharva          
(C) Satapatha Brahmana                       (D) Chhandogya Upanishad

100. Rulers of which of the following dynasties had diplomatic relations with distant countries like Syria and Egypt?
(A) Mauryas (B) Guptas           (C) Pallavas (D) Cholas

Answer key Answer sheet Question paper Solution 

51. (D) 52. (C) 53. (D) 54. (A) 55. (D) 56. (C) 57. (D) 58. (A) 59. (D) 60. (D)
61. (B) 62. (D) 63. (A) 64. (C) 65. (A) 66. (A) 67. (A) 68. (A) 69. (B) 70. (B)
71. (B) 72. (B) 73. (D) 74. (A) 75. (A) 76. (B) 77. (C) 78. (B) 79. (A) 80. (D)
81. (C) 82. (A) 83. (D) 84. (C) 85. (C) 86, (B) 87. (A) 88. (C) 89. (B) 90. (D)
91. (D) 92. (D) 94. (C) 95. (C) 96. (D).            97. (C) 98. (B) 99. (A) 100. (A)

Examination Date 
Combined State / Upper Subordinate Services (Main) Examination-2021 - from Wednesday 23.03.2022
Combined State / Upper Subordinate Services (Pvt) Exam-2022 and Assistant Conservator of Forests, Regional Forest Officer (Pvt) Exam-2022 - 12.06.2022 Sunday
Combined State / Upper Subordinate Services (Main) Examination-2022 from Tuesday 27.09.2022

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