UPPSC PCS J Question Paper Answer Key Judicial Service Exam 2022

Uttar pradesh public service Commission UPPSC (Lok Sewa ayog ) every year conduct the Civil Judge junior Division written examination for the recruitment of Civil judge. Selection of the eligible candidates for the posts of Civil Judge will be done through the state level preliminary examination, main examination and personal interview test. Very soon UP PSC going to publish official Notification for the recruitment of PCS J 2022 . so all interested candidates who want crack  UPPSC PCS J  examination 2022  in first attempt they are advised to start there preparation from now for cracking this examination in first attempt. Solved previous year questions of different state judicial services question paper for being perfect for Civil Judge examination. Recently Haryana and Madhya pradesh MP conducted Civil judge written examination. brought Haryana judicial services questions paper with solution. Following questions were asked in Haryana Judicial service recruitment examination January 2022.  hope this question paper will be helpful for your preparation. If you found any wrong answer  then please posts your answer here we will review answer key  and update it here. 
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 Last 10 Year UPPSC PCS Pre And Mains Examination Question Paper with Official Answer key  

Old year Question paper
Q: 1  the court can take cognizance of an offense under section 22 of Haryana Urban Control of rent and eviction Act 1973 upon
A A complain in writing field with the sanction of the controller
B a report in writing of facts made by the controller
C either a or b
D neither a or nor b
Q: 2  under section 20 of the Indian contract act 1872 in case both the parties are under mistake as to matter of fact , the contract :
A is valid     B in invalid     C Is void     D none of these

Q:3 which of the following sections in corporate the surety’s right of subrogation
A 139        B 140        C 141         D 142

Q:4 Public document under the Indian evidence act 1872 , can be proved by  
A oral evidence     B the write of the certified copy    
C certified copy     D any of the above
Q: 5 in case of suicide by a married woman, the court under section 113 a of the Indian evidence act 1872, may presume that suicide had been abetted by her husband if
1 suicide was committed by the wife within a period of seven years from the date of here marriage
2 the wife was subjected to cruelty
3 the wife was illiterate and from a poor family
4 the wife was deserted by the husband
Select the correct answer using the codes given below 
A 1 and 2    B 1, 2, 3,     C 1 , 3, 4,     D 2, 4

Q: 6 the case of kashimra singh vs state of Madhya pradesh relates to
A Privilege communications     B dying declaration
C confession to police officer     D confession of a co accused

Q:  7 the question Is whether a hors sold by a to b is sound , A says to B “go and ask C, c knows all about it ” C is statement is A
A confession     B admission     C presumption   D reference

Q: 8 under section 10 , every partner has a duty to indemnify the firm for  any loss caused to the firm by his -------------in the conduct of the business of the firm
A negligence     B wrongful act        C fraud     D all of the above

Q:  9 a partnership for which no period of duration is fixed , under the Indian partnership act 1932  known as
A general partnership     B partnership at will     C particular partnership     D co ownership

Q: 10 section ------------confers legitimacy of children born out of a void of voidable marriage
A 16    B 15    C 26    D none of the above

Q:  11 which of the following is provided under section 9 of the sale of good acts 1930
A ascertainment of price    B conditions and warranties
C agreement to sell         D all the above

Q:  12 which of the following section deals with specific performance of a part of a contract
A 10    B 11     C 12     D 13

Q: 13 which of the following sections lays down the rule that the discretionary power of the court to grant specific performance is no arbitrary but sound an reasonable
A  10    B 14    C 20    D None of the above

Q:  14 article _________ of the constitution of the india vests the residuary power of legislation with the parliament 
A 246          B 247         C 248        D 250
Q:  15 the general power of the transferring suits under section 24 of CPS lies with
A high court and the district court         B high court and Supreme Court   
C High Court         D District Court

Q: 16 where a decree is the to be sent to a court in another state for execution It has to be sent by
A the high court     B the district court
C the court with passed the decree     D the court which passed the decree with the consent of the high court

Q: 17 which  a decree is passed against the union of India, execution of such decree shall not be issued it remains unsatisfied for the period of _________ computed from the such decree
A 1 month     B  2 month    C 3 month    D 6 month

Q:  the provision regarding inter pleader suit has been incorporated in section
A 87     B 88     C 89     D 90

Q: 19 which of the following Is correct
A  section 113 review, section 114 revision , section 115 reference of the cpc
B section 113 reference , section 114 review , section 115 revision of the cpc
C   section 113 reference section 114 revision , section 115 review of the cpc
D none of the above

Q:20 which provision of the crpc 1973 resemble the writ of habeas
A section 93,     B section 97    C section 91     D  section 96

Q: 21 according to article of th constitution every high court shall have ______ over all court and tribunal through out the territories in relation to which it exercises jurisdiction
A supervision         B superintendence     C overview     D none of the above

Q: 22 according to article 233 of the constitution , a district judge is appointed by the
A chief justice of the state high court     B governor of the state
C chief minister of the state        D none of the above

Q: 23 court have jurisdiction to try all of a civil nature except suits the  cognizance of which is either expressly of impliedly  barred by virtue of
A section 7 of the cpc         B section 8 of the cpc   
C section 9 of the cpc      D section 6 of the cpc

Q: 24 constructive res judicature is contained in  
A  Explanation  III to Section 11 of the CPC
B Explanation VI  to Section 11 of the CPC
C Explanation  VII to Section  11 of the CPC
D Explanation  IV to Section 11 of the CPC

Q: 25 the court under section 89 (1) of the CPC can refer the dispute for
A medication of lok adalat    B arbitration of conciliation
C conciliation or medication     D all of the above

Q:  26 raju die leaving behind a son ravi and married daughter kavita a suit filled by raju after his death can be continues by
A ravi alone legal representative
B kavita alone as legal representative
C ravi , kavita and he husband  as legal representative
D ravi and kavita both  as legal repressive

Q: 27 which section of the CRPC provides for confirmation by the high court of an order of death sentence passed by the sessions courts prior to its execution ?
A section 371         B Section 366        C Section 368          D Section 369

Q: 28 which of the high court of any session judge calls for to examine h record of any proceeding before any inferior criminal court, it  is known as
A Review    B revision     C reference     D none of the above

Q: 29 a chief judicial magistrate may pass
A sentence of imprisonment exceeding 7 years
B sentence of imprisonment not exceeding 7 years
C sentence of lie imprisonment
D Death sentence

Q:  30 application for anticipatory bail may be made before
A Chief judicial magistrate     B  session court
C high court         D both  B and C

Q: 31 according to order 2 rule 3 of CPC, a plaintiff may unite in the same suit several _______ against the same defendant 
A: issues         B: Claims    C: Caused of actions     D:  Debts

Q: 32 provisions of section 10 of CPC are
A: Directory         B: Mandatory         C: Non mandatory    D:  Discretionary

Q: 33 general power to amend any error or defect in any proceeding in the suit vest in the court by virtue of
A: section  152  CPC         B: section 153 CPC
C: section 153 A CPC        D: section  153 B CPC

Q: 34 which provision deals with determination of questions relating to discharge satisfaction etc of the decree
A: Section  48 of the Civil Procedure Code     B: Section  46 of the Civil Procedure Code
C: Section  47 of the Civil Procedure Code    D: Section  21 of the Civil Procedure Code

Q: 35 who may record a confessional statement under section 16  CRPC
A: Police officer    B: Executive officer    
C: Judicial magistrate who has jurisdiction only     D:  Any judicial magistrate

Q: 36 what is the time limit in section 468 CRPC for taking cognizance in case of defamation ? 
A: six months         B: one year    C: 3 years     D:  No limit

Q: 37 permission to investigate into a non cognizable offence can granted by A 
A: magistrate in any part of India        B: magistrate in any part of state
C: magistrate having jurisdiction         D: session judge

Q: 38 offence of Indian penal code other than mentioned in section of criminal procedure cored are
A: Not compoundable            B: Compoundable with the permission of court
C: compoundable by the court of sessions     D:  compoundable by the high court

Q:  39 the compensation to the victim under section 357 of the code of criminal procedure can be passed by
A: the trail court only         B: the appellant court    
C: the revisional court     D: any of the above court

Q:  40 which one of the following is not a source of the law
A: custom     B: Legislation         C: usage    D:  judicial decision

Q: 41 a puts his band in the pocket of B for stealing money but the pocked was empty A is guilty of
A:  Theft     B mischief     C attempting to commit theft         D No offence
Q: 42 A beats his wife she feel down and became unconscious believing her to be dead and to save himself being arrest for murder . a hanged  her on the fan with rope . Post mortem report disclosed death from hanging . A is liable for
A:   Murder         B: Culpable homicide     C: hurt        D:  Grievous Hurt

Q: 43 A voluntary gift without consideration of property or the substance of thing by one person to another so as to constitute the donee the propertier of the subject matter  of the gift is known as 
A: hiba     B: aariat     C: Sadaqa    D:  Hiba Ba Sharat Ul Iwaz

Q:  44 divorce by mutual consent has been provide in section _________ of the hindi marriage act 1955
A: 13A     B: 13 (1)    C: 13 B    D:  none of the above

Q: 45 as a general rule , a petition for dissolution of Hindu marriage can no be presented within __ marriage 
A: 2 years        B: 1 year     C: six months         D:  Two months
Q:  46  under section 24 of the Punjab courts act 1918, __________ will be the principal civil court of original; jurisdiction  
A:  high court         B: District Court     C: Family Court      D none of the above   

Q: 47  section 6 of the limitation act 1963 is available to
A: plaintiff     B: defendants         C: respondent         D:  none of the above

Q: 48 a stayed in the hotel of B for on week. He organize a party  for his friends o  1 November 2014 the bill of which amounted to rs 40000 . he vacated his room on 5 November 2014 and settled all his bills except the bill of the party, B can sue A for the payment of rs 40000 within
A:  1 years from 1 November 2014        B: 1 years from 5 November 2014
C:  3 years from 1 November 2014         D: 3 years from 5 November 2014

Q: 49 according to section 7 of the registration act 1908 , the state government shall establish in every __________  an officer to be stayed as the office of the registrar
A: Taluka     B: District     C: City     D:  Sub District

Q:  under the state of goods act 1930 the delivery can be
A: Symbolic only     B: actual only    
C: constructive only    D: all the above

UPPSC PCS J previous year Solved question paper Model Sample question paper for UP PSC judicial service recruitment examination 2022 law question for Judicial service civil judge

Answers of above questions:
1.C    2. C    3.C    4.C    5.A    6.D    7.B    8.C    9.B    10.A   
11.A    12.C    13.C    14.C    15.A    16 C    17 C    18 B    19 B    20 B   
21.B     22.B      23 C    24.D    25. D    26 D    27.C    28.C    29.C    30.D    .
31.C    32.B    33.B    34.C    35.D    36.C    37.C    38.A    39.D    40.C   
41.C    42.B    43.A    44.C    45.B    46.B    47.A    48.C    49.B    50.D   

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