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SSC Exam Time Table Calendar Recruitment Dates 2020

UPSC Exam Calendar Time Table in Hindi 2020

UPPSC Exam Calendar 2020 Dates Job

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Tnpsc Exam calendar Job Notification 2020

Mppsc exam time table 2020 Date Sheet

Uttarakhand lok Sewa Ayog Examination Calendar 2020

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SSC Recruitment Notification…

UPPSC JE Junior Engineer Exam 2019 News 3000 Vacancy

Uttar Pradesh Public service commission recently published the official exam calendar / exam Date schedule for the upcoming Recruitment examination 2019. According to official Recruitment Calendar published by UPPSC, commission this year will conduct a state level written examination for Combined Junior Engineer General Recruitment examination 2019.
Lok Sewa Ayog will  publish the exam date for Sammilit Avar Abhiyanta pariksha. According to official notification, सम्मिलित अवर अभियंता परीक्षा   will be conducted shortly. Commission will conduct this examination on two days. All candidates who filled the application form for UPPSC JE post are informed that commission will conduct written examination very soon.  Official notification Advertisement will publish  for Junior Engineer JE Recruitment in 2019 online at uppsc website.
There are 2747 posts of JE junior Engineer for General Recruitment and  32 posts Backlog / special recruitment for PWD candidates. more then 4 lakh Diploma holder in engineering discipline filled application form for UPPSC JE Vacancy  . age Limit for Applying JE was 21 to 40 years .

Posts Details of Junior Engineer JE recruitment लोक सेवा आयोग JE  Bharti Vacancy 2019
JE CIVIL Mechanical . Agriculture, TA Civil, Surveyor Civil , for Irrigation department, Minor irrigation , Ground water department   - 2747
Backlog special recruitment for PWD candidate 
Minor Irrigation department / housing and town planning department UP  - 32 posts

Salary : selected candidates for UPPSC JE recruitment will be appoint dint he pay scale of 9300-34800 and grade pay of rs 4200 .

Selection procedure: selection of the eligible candidates will be done through the written examination followed by personal interview test. All those candidates who will be declared qualified in the written examination they will be call for personal interview test.  All Original certificates shall be verified at the time of interview. brought the detailed information regarding upcoming UPPSC JE Examination 2019. Hope this will be helpful in your preparation of junior Engineer examination.

Question Paper pattern Syllabus for Junior Engineer Exam 2019
Question Paper
Question Paper
General Hindi
Civil Engineering Paper-I Or
Mechanical Engg. Paper-I Or
Electrical Engg. Paper-I Or
Agricultural Engg. Paper-I
3 hour

3 hour
Civil Engineering Paper 2
3 hour
3 hour
Mechanical Engg. Paper 2
3 hour
3 hour
Electrical Engg. Paper 2
3 hour
3 hour
Agricultural Engg. Paper 2
3 hour
Personal Interview

E Admit Card for UPPSC JE Junior Engineer Recruitment 2019
All candidates who filled application form for Junior Engineer posts , are informed that commission will host admit card / call letter online at the official website of UP PSC. Just like other examination hall ticket for JE posts will be uploaded before the 14 day from the written examination.  .  You can download your admit card from the official website of UPPSC which is

Very Importation Question for Upcoming Junior Engineer Examination, important topic for the preparation of Junior Engineer Civil Posts of UPPSC JE CIVIL Paper 2019
1: explain in details the necessity of irrigation
2 explain the various source of irrigation water
3 name of the various method of irrigation, explain any two method in detail 
4 an irrigation canal has gross command area of 80000, hectare out of which 85% is suitable for culturalble irrigation. the intensity of irrigation for kharif season in 30% and for Rabi season 60% , find the discharge required at the head of the canal if the duty at its head is 800 , hectare ./ cumeces for kharif seas and 1700 ,hectare cumces for rabi season
5. define run off and catchments area , what Is infiltration , explain the factor that affect the inflation from a catchments are
6 explain various method for calculating run off from a catchments area
7 what you understand by yield of an open well  ? What test are preformed for finding the yield ? Explain any one test
8 Explain the advantage and disadvantage of well irrigation over canal irrigation
9 explain different type of canal lining along with their advantage and disadvantage 
10 design a line canal to carry a discharge of 15 cumeces , the longitudinal slope may take as 1:9000 , assume side slop suitability take maning constant N as 0.015
10: what are the different type of cross drainage work that are necessary for canal ? State briefly the condition under which each one is used
11 : write short note on syphon , super passage and aquenduct used in cross drainage works
12 name of the various type of dams, explain about any two of dam with the help of neat sketches
13 : what do mean by water logging ? what are the main cause of water logging  ? Describe some anti water logging measure
14 write down explain the continuity equation . The diameter of a pipe at section 1 and 2 are 10 cm and 15 cm respectably. find the discharge through the pipe if the velocity of water following through the pipe at section 1 is  5m/s
15 : determine the maximum discharge of waiter through a circular change of diameter 1.5 m when the bed slope of the channal is  1 in 1000 . take C=60
Previous year JE Junior Engineer Examination questions paper, model sample paper for JE civil posts, and important subject for JE

UPPSC JE Hindi Subject Important Topic for preparation
निम्नलिखित  में किसी  एक विषय  पर लगभग 500 शब्दों  में निबंध  लिखे 12 marks
Example :
भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था पर भूमंडलीकरन   का प्रभाव 
उत्तर प्रदेश में प्रदूषण समस्या और उसका समाधान
राष्ट्र निर्माण में युवा शकित  का योगदान  
भारतीय समाज में स्त्रियों की स्तिथि
सौर ऊर्जा की उपदेयता

अपठित गद्यांश  (उपर्युक्त  शीर्षक 1 , भावार्थ 3 ,  रेखांकित  अंशो का आशय 4 marks   )
विराम  चिन्ह  3 marks
विलोम , 3
मुहावरा, लोकोक्ति का  अर्थ तथा वाक्य प्रयोग ,  8 marks
पर्यावाची  शब्द 5 marks
अशुद्ध  वाक्यो को शुद्ध करना 3 marks
पत्र लेखन  २०० शब्द  8 marks

Mechanical Engineer  Important Question for Upcoming Junior Engineer Avar Abhiyanta pariksha
1 : classify the cam followers according to the motion of follower , location of axis of the follower and according to the shape of the par of the follower which is I contact with the cam surface
2 : a simple gear train consists of two gears only. The driving pinion has 20 teeth and rotates at 600 rpm clock wise . the driven gear has 60 teeth , module pitch of the meshing pair is 4 mm
A : speed ratio of gear train
B: center distance between the two shafts
C : pitch circle diameters of the gear and pinion

3 draw a stress strain diagram for a low carbon steel tensile specimen indicating the proportional limit , yield and the ultimate stress , what is the significance of percentage elongation of the test specimen ?
4 a solid steel shaft transmits 105 kw at 160 RPm, if the shaft os 100 mm, diameter, find the torque on the shaft and the maximum shear stress induced . find also the twist of the shaft in a length of 6 m
Take module of rigidity of the shaft martial as 80 GPA
5 . a 3 m , solid rectangular bar of cross section 10 mm  X 15 mm is subjected to a compressive force of 150 Kn, what is the change in length of the bar ? also find the axial strain and normal stress produced in th bar
Take E= 2 X 10powr 5 N/ nm power 2
6 distinguish between an alloy and compound give suitable example of each
7 : classify the steels according to the percentage of carbon content
8 : a hole is dimensioned as 25 +0.033 , + 0.00 and the shaft is dimensioned as 25 -0.040 -0.061 determine the hole tolerance , the shaft tolerance and allowance of the fit 
9 : write down the cause of industrial fire and the measures to be adopted to control
10 what do you understand by polymerization  ? state the characteristics of long chain polymers , distinguish between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics
11 : explain how annealing, normalization  and hardening of steel are carried out, discuss the various objective for carrying out these heat treatment process
12 sketch a cotter Joint and knuckle joint give one application of each  
13 write short notes on any three of the following
Factory of safety , type of welded joints, theories of failures , break even analysis
14 : discuss with suitable example, the process of launching a new product in the market .
15 : manufactures locate near their resource while retailer locate near their customer , justify this statement with suitable example. 

Important question paper for Railway , UPPSC, UPSC, JE Junior Engineer Examination UKPSC

Agriculture engineering Paper 1 model paper sample question paper , of previous year
1 define between two terms
A internal combustion engine and external combustion engine
B : crank shaft and cam shaft of tractor engine
C : indicate horse power IHP and brake horse power BHP
D : two stroke engine and four stroke engine
E : Average fuel consumption and specific fuel consumption
2 : explain working of a tractor engine with the help of diagram and mention all important parts used for its working operation
3 : give technical suggestion for maintaining efficient fuel consumption of a tractor engine
4 explain reason for a tractor having following technical features
A  : why a tractor has front wheels small and rear wheels bigger in size 
B: why a tractor has exhaust gas pipe in upward direction , while a car has the same in lower backward direction ?
C : air pressure in front tyres of tractor is higher but the same in rear tyres of the tractor is lower
D : tyre thread of front wheels of tractor are circular ring shape, while tyre thread of rear while of th tractor ar of cu cross shape
E : Tractor body is open all around , while body of a other vehicle is closed one
5 a four cylinder tractor engine has a cylinder diameter of 20 cms, stroke length of 30 cm, runs at a sped of 150 RPM, with a mean effective pressure of 7.5 kg / cm square , if th engine fire one per two revolution , calculate its indicated horse power

ssc UPPSC JE Exam Date, Admit Card, Question Paper, Syllabus, Exam pattern

UPPSC Junior Engineer Examination | Avar Abhiyanta bharti pariksha 2019
 9 am to 12 Noon – General Hindi
9 am to 12 Noon – Engineering Subjects 1st question paper (Civil / Mechanical/ Agriculture / Electrical )
2 Noon to 5 PM Engineering Subjects 2nd question paper (Civil / Mechanical/ Agriculture / Electrical )
Exam Center - Allahabad and Lucknow

Latest News Update of Upcoming 3000 JE vacancy  UPSSSC 



  1. Please Suggest any Reference book For preparation For JE CIVIL in UPPSC Irrigation Deptt.

    1. Ace academy fm and hm vol -1

  2. Please tell me about j.e civil exam which is to be held on 19th july is of subjective type or objective type, which part is of subjective type and which part is of objective type.

  3. i have degree not diploma, am i eligible for J.E post

  4. JE exam will be subjective type
    Paper-1 General Hindi Marks 50
    Paper-2 Engg subject Marks -150
    Paper -3 Engg subject Marks-150

    1. alll papers are subjective.. do u know it clearly.. as my thinking first hindi n civil engg exam paper will be objective n next second exam which will held next day , this will be in subjective........i m wrong or right. plz reply me. i m also confused

    2. all the 3 exams are subjective..

  5. All the three papers will be of subjective type

  6. Please tell me about j.e civil exam which is to be held on 19th july is of subjective type or objective type, which part is of subjective type and which part is of objective type.

  7. When will be held next JE. .EXAM. can ..I apply. .It. ...pls tell me sir. ..

  8. Could u sent me sir previous pepar of irrigation exam.

  9. Please tell me about j.e civil exam which is to be held on 19th july is of subjective type or objective type, which part is of subjective type and which part is of objective type.

    1. Paper-1 General Hindi Marks 50
      Paper-2 Engg subject Marks -150
      Paper -3 Engg subject Marks-150

  10. Admit card kab milega.......or exam centre kha hoga

  11. Sir 19 july ki to eid h exam date change hogi kya

  12. Sir my age seventeen and half....can I fill UPCCS j.e applications form....pls told me sir

  13. Sir my age seventeen and half ..can I apply UPCCS j.e application Form...pls told me sir

  14. Abhi tk roll no. Upload kyo nhi hue hai.

  15. plz tell me new exam date......

  16. btech can apply or not . bcz there is no such information shown in the notification.

  17. Pls tel me new exam date for je

  18. please tell me new exam date

  19. Please tell me combined je exam objective hoga ya subjective

  20. I am a final year b.Tech Electrical engg student studying in kerala .can i apply?How to apply?

  21. we finished btech water resource engginring, we can apply this form please suggeted me.

  22. Paper-1 General Hindi Marks 50
    Paper-2 Engg subject Marks -150

  23. Is all 3 papers are subjective?

  24. Is all papers are subjective?

  25. 1st april ko admit card aaya hi..☺uppsc ne april fool banaya hi💐

  26. sir iam prakash ch bouri.not diploma complete preparing to 6sem.. can i je from filp? plz tell me...

  27. uptu exam and up je exam are held on same date.what will i do? I am trouble here please suggest me that what will i do?

  28. Please send me the SSC JE online apply site.

  29. 7th semester wale students je bhar skte h kya?

  30. Sir Maine 'THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS (INDIA) se diploma kiya hai kya ye diploma civil je ke sahi hai?


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