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 Army personal shopping can be done online through AFD CSD. CSD's full name is Canteen Store Department and AFD CSD has recently launched its new website, through which you can purchase AFD CSD items online. Along with this, you can buy many items online and offline through the AFD CSD canteen.

 How do you login on AFD CSD India

 We will give you complete information about it. First of all, you have to log on to the official website of AFD CSD India.

After that you will get an approval from the admin portal of AFD CSD. Through which you can login on this website with the help of your user name and password.

Along with this, an OTP will also go on your register mobile, with the help of this you can do your shopping.

Once you login, you will be sent an OTP on your phone.

With his help, you can login to AFD CSD website and do your shopping.

You can search many AFD CSD products by going to the search box.

Such as cars, cars, home appliances, electric appliances,


What is a grocery card number AFD CSD card

 The alphanumeric number of the grocery card number or CSD canteen card number 19. Which is written on the AFD CSD smart card. Also, a 16 digit numeric number is also on the back side, which is called Chip No. it is said. With this, your certification is ensured.


How can you register online?

You can log on to the CSD canteen by visiting the website given below.

All these facilities are available only for working or retired Army Defense. There are about 45 lakh CSD Beneficiaries, with a lot of servings and retired persons, related to Arm Forces, Civilian Defense etc.

AFD CSD items are mainly available in cars, motorcycles, washing machines and many home items, and they are made available at subsidized rates in the country by the government at very cheap and low prices, which are purchased by the families of Indian jawans and officers. Can.


You can register by visiting the link given below.


Download Online AFD Registration Manual

Beneficiary Manual


Users are advised to register on the website ( first to buy products from AFD-CSD. It is mandatory procedure. You may follow the registration manual for step by step pictorial guide on “new user registration”.


if your seeing this 

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more


then login with other Browser  and click on add to exception link for login. currently this website if not working in google chrome so you can login with internet explorer. 


Sales of AFD-I items through Online Portal have been started for Jan 2022

 CSD Offers the Quality Service and Items at the Best Price.


- A CENTURY OF SERVICE (CANTEEN STORES DEPARTMENT)---Helpdesk Numbers - (1) Kindly contact SCPL on helpdesk number 0120-4699923 to resolve all issues related to USER registration. (2) Kindly call CSD Head Office Helpline Numbers 022-35104185, 022-35104186 (during office hours) and message with details on WhatsApp Number +91-9321601308 for issues related to ITEMS, RATES & DEALERS published in the portal. (3) For all other queries please call Helpline number of CS Dte 011-26181892.

Online Payment - Beneficiaries are requested to make online payment on the portal through net banking and avoid physical visit to the Bank during Covid Period

Correction in Dealer/Price Data : - Please contact CSD Helpdesk Contact Number - 022-79669455 Helpdesk Email Id - if you are not able to find dealer/depot/URC in the dropdown or price is not showing correctly on the portal


Canteen card holders are requested not to use service number / service particulars like rank etc while filling up the Sign up request and check out forms. Your login/AFD Demand will be rejected/cancelled if service particulars are used.

Name as printed on front face of grocery canteen card *

Card ID printed on front face of the grocery card * (19 digit Alphanumeric)

Chip number printed on back of canteen card or printed on the grocery bill * (16 digit Numeric)

Mobile number * Send OTP

Employment status *

Select Organization *


Date of birth *

Date of Enrollment/Commissioning *

Date of retirement *

Entitlement category *


PPO/Discharge No. (ESM)

PAN number *

Username *

Email *

Password *

Confirm password *



Document Type

Click & Download

Registration Manual


Beneficiary Manual


Depot Manual




For issues related to registration: 0120-4699923

Helpline number of CS Directorate: 011-26181892

CSD HO helpdesk for issues related to price/ dealer list/ depot list: 022-35104185, 022-35104186 or email id : or whatsapp no : 919321601308

Kindly Contact the above numbers based on your issue, from Monday to Friday between 10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M

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