LTC cash voucher scheme for Up Government Employee Teacher Festival Advance

 Like the central government employees, the state government is also giving benefits of LTC cash voucher scheme to its employees. All teachers and employees will be able to take advantage of LTC Cash Voucher Scheme. The Yogi government has announced this special festive package on the lines of the central government. State employees will also be provided cash in lieu of 10 thousand advances and LTC.


What is LTC Cash Voucher

On the lines of the Center, the state government will also give a ₹ 10000 special festival package to employees and a special cash package in lieu of LTC. The proposal has been approved by the Cabinet by Circulation headed by CM Yogi Adityanath. On this, 1000000 employees will benefit from this scheme. If any discrepancy or behavior arises, the procedure for resolving and payment will be determined with the approval of CM. The income tax rules on cash in lieu of LTC will apply in the same way as payment of rent of LTC. A government order has also been issued in this regard.


How to get special festival advance

Special Festival Advance will be available as a preloaded rupee card, which the employee will have to return in 10 parts. The office will sanction advance special festival package of ₹ 10000 to the concerned government employee before any important festival, which will be interest free.

The preloaded card will be given through SBI, which will be charged in 10 installments.

On receipt of the application of the government employee by the office president, the applicant will be provided a preloaded card from SBI.

 Detailed procedure will also be released. The office president will be able to approve the advance for all those festivals, which are included in the list of public unannounced holidays declared by the state government, cash will be paid.

This facility will be available to the state employees who are eligible to get benefits under the LTC pre-issued mandate till March 31, and want cash instead.

For this facility, the employee will get a fare of ₹ 6000 per person for going to and from the destination. The worker will also be able to avail this benefit for four eligible members including himself. Maximum ₹ 24000 will be received.

The approved amount will have to be spent on such items registered in the amount on which

 gst should not be less than 12%.

Reimbursement of sanctioned amount. Cash voucher of goods to be furnished by them in which 50% of LTC rent can be paid in advance to the bank account of the employee.

This will be adjusted from the final payment made to the goods on submission of the purchase voucher.

The adjustment will be in the current financial year itself. In case of not using or reducing the advance, the unused advance will be recovered with penal interest.


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