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 EWS Reservation Certificate UP Online PDF How to Certify Registration Format Download Verification Eligibility Criteria


About EWS Certificate

Candidates wishing to apply for various recruitment examinations in Uttar Pradesh have to give EWS certificate if they want to avail the reservation. This certificate has to be given to the beneficiaries of the economically weaker section. EWS certificate is a required document for various types of recruitment exams / entrance exams etc.

 If you are financially weak then you can avail reservation by using this certificate. Candidates of general category take advantage of this reservation.


The eligibility conditions required for EWS certificate are given below.


Candidate should not have 5 acres of arable land or more.

There should be no flat of 1000 sq ft or more.

Not having residential plots under or above the notified municipality


The notified municipality should not have more than 200 square or more residential plots.


How should Declared your Income and Property in EWS Certificate

Declarations related to above condition, have to be made by the candidate in his / her EWS certificate. He has to prove that the above conditions are true and the candidate is eligible to avail reservation facility for the economically weaker section.

If any type of information given by the person is found to be untrue, then the admission of the candidate or appointment received in public services and posts will be canceled. Apart from this, if we take advantage of any other services, then that too will be canceled.


Hot to Get EWS Certificate

This declaration has to be given by the candidate himself through the declaration form. You download and declare this certificate and after that you can use it.

 Also those who are listed in the list of Scheduled Castes, Tribes, Other Backward Classes, cannot use the benefits of this Praman Patra.

You may also have to declare income from other sources such as salary , agricultural business etc.

Apart from this, no other property is being received in your family.

And the thing to keep in mind is that whenever you make an announcement, all these conditions will be applicable by adding all the assets of you and your family under this declaration. That is, 5 acres of arable land will be calculated by including you and your family. So keep in mind that you will not be counted only


How to Get EWS certificate by DM /ADm / Tehsildar

The EWS certificate is also certified by the District Magistrate, Additional District Magistrate, City Magistrate, Pargana Magistrate and Tehsildar. You have to paste your passport size in the prescribed format and submit it to the office of the concerned officer.

There, he certifies you and gives the EWS certificate. You can download the proforma of EWS certificate from the link given below.


Verify your Digital EWS Certificate Online Download Certificate in PDF File

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