Promotion News for Head Master In Upper Primary School Court Order

Good news is coming for assistant teachers, headmasters, employees working in primary and upper primary schools of Basic Education Council of Uttar Pradesh. Now senior list will be made on the first date of appointment of Assistant Teacher Primary School for promotion to the post of Principal Upper Primary School. After that the Principal of Primary Schools and Assistant Teacher of Upper Primary Schools will be promoted to the post of Principal of Upper Primary School.
Seniority will be determined from the same first appointment date of reserved and general category posts. This is very good news coming. After this decision of the Honorable High Court, the process of promotion to the post of teacher in upper primary schools can start very soon.
If you have any doubt in your mind, then you will try to answer the questions in your comment box. In connection with this, there was a lot of controversy in the seniority list of the post of Principal of the Upper Primary School. due to the difference in promotion of the post of Principal of Upper Primary School, Assistant Teacher, Primary Teacher in the different districts,   High Court has  explained the rule.
   the order of first appointment will be the date of appointment and the basis of promotion will also be considered as the date of first appointment.
The tradition of making seniority grounds the date of joining the office was abolished by this order by the Hon'ble High Court. The High Court, while explaining the rules of the manual in point no.36 of its order, has clarified that the teacher, if he does not take charge within the time limit after receiving the appointment letter or transfer from one local area to another Seniority may be lost.
In case of inter-district transfer or transfer from urban to rural area will be completed or in local area they will be placed at the bottom of the seniority list.
Only one cadre has been prescribed on the basis of a local area of basic education at order point 28 of the Hon'ble High Court.
Thus under the cadre there will be posts of assistant teacher and Head Master of Primary School, Assistant Teacher, and HM of Upper Primary School.
Click on the link below to read the entire court order

Download Official order of Promotion in Upper Primary School Head Master Post
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