BSNL JE TTA Exam Memory based Question paper Previous year

BSNL JE TTA Exam Memory based Question paper | Junior engineer  Online test Questions solution answer key 25 September , 26 , 27 , 28 , 29 September 2016 solved paper download pdf previous year questions paper by
Question asked in BSNL 25.09.16 morning shift.
1 unit of inertia
2. AT/m is the unit of
3. characteristics of open amplifier.
4. Dimension of force
4. which has no dimension ans specific gravity.
5. Sound is which wave.

6. sound travel in vacuum or not.
7. Lossless line characteristics impedance and RC= LG
8. Vale of lossless line in swr lamda/4
9. doing of boron In pure semiconductor will be n type or p type.
10. question which is open loop. Total 6  questions from control system.
11. Washing machine is open or close loop.

12. which has highest wavelength
Ex, red,voilet, green,blue.
13. Gama ray is
14. Negative feedback function.
14. 8085 is how many bit.8 bit..
15. binary to hexa conversion 2 questions.
16. binary to decimal 1 question.
17. Multiplexer is option data converter.
18. Artificial intelligence uses which language ans FORTRAN.
19. Compiler convert
20. Which is not a O.S options window, ms office, Unix,
21.2 questions were from assembly program menomonics given u have to find value. 22.find eigen value of matrix.

23. transformer easy numerical questions.
24. Capacitor numerical like find power.
25. find resolution of ADC
26. Miller sweep, previous year questions. Plz remember 10 questions from previous year was same. Don’t forget to see last year paper I have given already to somebody by mail.
27. Norton theorem work on Current with parallel.
28. Conservation of energy called. Kcl or KVI.
29. Megger is used for measuring.
30. If capacitor is added in in charge induction power will decrease or increase like that not remembered well but same like.
31. Servomotor function.

32. lamanition in transformer.
33. Class A amplifier used as Full cycle, half cycle ,both or non of these.
34. PLA works on PROM,ROM,RAM, non of  these.
35. X.25 is Lap A,LAP B,Lap C or non of these.
35. Which layer is above presentation layer in OSI layer.
36. BRI in ISDN is only 2B,1B,Both, non of these.
37. What is the speed in PCM 44kbps,
128 kbps,64kbps.4M B.
38. Debug in computer means what ,option trouble shooting,
39. NMI is edge trigger ,negative edge trigger, 0 trigger.

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