UP lekhpal Exam Answer key Question paper Answer Key Previous Year 2022

State government of Uttar Pradesh conducted a state level written examination for the recruitment of Rajaswa lekhpal posts. Written test of Lekhpal bharti pariksha was held on 13 September 2015 at various examination center form all over uttar pradesh. More then 24 lakh candidates appeared in the UP Rajaswa lekhpal bharti pariksha 2015. Written examination. Lekhpal written examination was held (लेखपाल भर्ती परीक्षा ) in two shift . Morning shift examination was held from 10: 30 am to 12 Noon . and 2nd shift examination was held from  3 Pm to 4:30 Pm .

Written exam question paper comprise 100 questions from different subject like general Hindi ., math , General knowledge and Rural development  . Written examination will carry total 80 marks for 100 questions. TOTAL 90 minutes was given for attempting the question paper.

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  SHIFT 1 ANSWER  KEY FOR LEKHPAL EXAMINATION ( लेखपाल परीक्षा के प्रथम पाली की उत्तर कुंजी )
SHIFT 2 ANSWER  KEY  FOR LEKHPAL EXAMINATION (  लेखपाल परीक्षा के दूसरी पाली की  उत्तर कुंजी  )

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Part 3 General awareness Samanya jankari / General knowledge questions of Lekhpal bharti pariksha 13 September 2022.  , Rajaswa Lekhpal GK , General study GS solved question paper with answer
26 in a mixture of 60 liters , the ratio of acid and water is 2:1 what amount must be added to make the ratio of acid and water as 1:2?
A 44                B 52                 C 60                D 72 Liters
Solution: Quantity of Acid = 60*(2/3) = 40 liters
Quantity of water = 60-40 = 20 liters

As per question we need to add water to get quantity 2:1

=> 40/(20+x) = 1/2
=> 20 + x = 80
=> x = 60 liters

27 while computing mean of grouped data , we assume the frequency are
A eventually distributed over all the classes
B centered at the class marks of the classed 
C centered at the upper liter of the classed
D centre at the lower limits of the classes

28 if the interest on a sum of money be 1 paisa per rupee per month ,, what is the rate of per cent per annum  ?
A 10%             B 15%             C 10 ½%         D 12%

29 A man is twice as fast as a woman and a woman is twice as fast as a boy . if all of them Ie A man a woman and a boy can finish a work together in 4 day in how may days will a boy do it alone
A 21 days        B 14 days         C 28 days        D 7 days

30 the sum of three number is 392 . if the ratio of first number to second number is 2:3 and the ratio of second number to third number is 5:8 then the third number is
A 162              B 120               C 176              D 192

31 the radius of a wheel is 21 cm, how many rounds will it take to cover the distance of 792 Meters ?
A 200              B 300               C 400              D 600

32 the perimeter of a triangular field is 540 meter and the ratio of its side is 5:12:13 . what will be the area of this field ?
A 9560 Sq meter                      B 9720 Sq Meter         C 9320 Sq Meter         D 9450 Sq M

33 The prices of scooter and moped are in the ratio of 9 :5 if a scotter cost 4200 more than a moped , then the price of the moped is
A 3350                        B 5250             C 5700                        D 6300

34 a Man traveled 2/11 of his journey by train . 17/22 by car and walket the remaining 1 Km . how far did he go
A 27 Km          B 22 Km                      C 24 Km                      D 33 km

35 the standard deviation of a set of 50 observation is 8 . if each observation is multiplies by 2 . then the value of standard deviation will be           
A 2      B 4                   C 8                  D 16

36 the sum of mean and median of 1, 6, 8, 3, 2 is
A 6      B 7       C 10    D12

37 for what value of x will the mode of the following data be 27 ?
A 24                B 25                 C 26                D 27

38 in Triangle ABC , if angle A = 90 degree , a=25 cm , b = 7 cm , then what is the value of tan B ?
A 7/25             B 7/24              C 24/7             D 24/25

39  the HCF and LCM of two number are 12 and 2448 , respectively , if the difference of the number is 60 , then the sum of the numbers is
A 348              B 284               C 248              D 204

40 the perimeter of triangle is 30 CM and its area is 30 cm square , if the length of the largest side of the triangle is 13 CM , then what is the smallest Side of the triangle
A 4 Cm,                       B 3 Cm                        C 5 Cm            D 6 Cm

41 the perimeter of a top surface of a rectangular table is 28 m , and its are is 48 m square  what is the length of the hypotenuse of the table
A 10 m                         B 12 m                         C 12.5 m          D 5 m

42 if the circumference of a circle is 18.6 cm more than its diameter , then what is the diameter of the circle
A 7.54cm         B 7.84 cm        C 8.68 cn                     D 8.84 cm

43 the difference between a number obtained by increasing by diminishing if by 3% is 407 . the original number is
A 3500                        B 3600             C 3700                        D 3400

44 the price of a car is increased by 30% before the budge and in the budget its is  increase again by 10% the total percentage increase in the price of the car is
A 42%                         B 41 %            C 44%             D 43 %

45 a man buys 10 article for rs 8 and sells them at the rate of rs 1.25 per article . his gain percent is
A 20%             , B 19 ½ %      C 50%             D 56 ¼

46 a sum of money double itself in 10 years at simple interest what is the rate of interest
A 14%             B 12%             C 10%             D 25%

47 300 gms of sugar solution has 40% sugar in it. How much sugar should be added to make I 50% in the solution
A 45 gm,                      B 40 Gm ,        C 60gm            D 25 gm

48 if 27 raised power x = 9/ 3 raised power x when what is the value of 1/x raised power 4 ?
A 8                  B 16                 C 4                  D 10

49 which fraction should be added to the sum of 5 ¾     , 4 4/5  and 7 3/5 to make the result a whole number
A 1/10             B 1/20              C 1/40             D 3/40

50 what least fraction must be subtracted from the square root of 930.25 that the results is a whole number
A 2/3               B ½                  C 1/6               D 4/3

51 its is easier to roll a stone up sloping road than to lift it vertically upward because 
A work done in roll the stone is more then in lifting it
B work in lifting the stone is equal to rolling it
C work done in rolling the stone in less than in lifting it
D work done in both is same but the rate of doing work is less in rolling

52 pulses are a good source of
A carbohydrate            B fates C proteins       D Vitamins

53 what is know as the soul of the constitution
A preamble      B fundamental right   C directive principal of state policy  D national Flag

54 in the fourth week of June 2015 , a pact on waste management was signed between two entrepreneur several civic bodies in
A Kerala          B Assam         C Gujarat         D Maharashtra

55 what does NPP stands for
A national Population program B national population project
C nation population policy                 D national population production

56 What was the main aim of civil disobedience movement
A the reactionist approach of Winston Churchful
B against salt Tax      C  against august statement      
D against bound table conference

57 oxygen in our blood is transported by protein name
A hemoglobin                         B keratin          C collagen        D myoglobin

58 the minimum age limit for becoming candidate for lok sabha is
A 18 years       B 20 years,       C 30 years ,     D 25 years

59 soft bank. ----- and foxconn technology group have formed a joint venture , SBG clean tech which will invest around $20 billion over 10 years into green energy  project
A reliance Industries,                B bharti enterprise
C adani Limited                        D Tata group

60 development expenditure of the central government dose not include
A defense expenditure           B expenditure on economic service
C expenditure on social and community service
D grant in state

61 the southernmost point of peninsula India, Kanyakumari is situated
A north of tropic cancer            B south of the equator
C south of the tropic of Capricorn         D north of the equator 

62 which country won the copa America 2015
A Argentina      B brazil ,           C Peru                         D Chile

63 the chauri chaura incident took place on
A 3 march 1922           B          5 may 1922
C 13 march 1922                     D 5 February 1922

64 the place where the last Mughal emperor bahadur shah Zafar diet was
A agara            B Delhi C Rangoon     D Gwalior

65 who among the following has cabinet rank ?
A the comptroller and auditor general of India
B the attorney general of India
C the leader of the opposition the
D governor t of the reserve bank of India

66 what was the name given for the rescue operation conducted by Indian government during Nepal earthquake tragedy
A operation sahay         B operation maitri      C operation nepal         D operation abhay

67 what is international migration ?
A movement of people within a country
B movement of people from one village to another
C movement of people between among countries
D movement of people from urban to rural  area

68 the most electro negative element among the following is
A Sodium         B bromine        C fluorine        D oxygen

69 the direct action day on august 16 , 1946 was observe by the
A christin league                       b Sikha league
C Hindi league              D Muslim league

70 the property of a substance to absorb moisture from are on exposure is called
A osmosis        B efflorescence             C deliquescence         D desiccation

71 who was selected recently as the president of the international cricket council
A Jagmohan dalmiya B n srinivasan C zaheer abbas     D mustafa kamal

72 Indian highest annual rain fall is reported at
A mawsynram   Meghalaya               B chamba himachal pradesh
C namchi Sikkim                                  D churu Rajasthan

73 which of the following committees suggest to incorporate fundamental deuce in the constitution
A raghavan committees B swaran singh committees C malhotra committees D narasimhan committees

74 the satapatha brahmana and taittiriya brahmana are Brahmana texts of
A rigveda ,       B Yajurveda   C samved         D atharva

75 the refineries are Mathura , digboi and Panipat are set up by
A Indian oil corporation         b Hindustan petroleum corporation limited C bharat petroleum corporation limited        
D crude distillation unit of madras refineries limited

Rural Development Gramin Vikas Questions of UP Revenue lekhpal examination
76  What percentage of seats must be reserved for women in a gram panchayat
A 10%             B 20%             C 33%                        D 50%

77 what is the percentage unit cost and maximum amount of subsidy available under ambedkar vishesh rozgar yojana AVRYY for general category beneficiary
A 25%  rs 10000         B 33% rs 10000           C 25% 7500   D 33% rs 7500

78 how many seats in the Rajya sabha are from Uttar Pradesh 
A 40    B 31                C 62                D 29

79 which one among the following serve as the subordinate judicial service of the state of Uttar Pradesh
A the district court of banda                  B the district court of Etawah
 C the district court of Chandauli           D the district court of Pilibhit

80 under the national rural drinking water programme NRDWP by 2022 , every rural person in the country should have access to how many litres per capital per day of water within their household premise or at a horizontal or vertical distance of not more then 50 meter from their household
A 60    B 70    C 80    D 100

81 In November 2014 , the Uttar Pradesh government made provision of Rs  crores of construction of toilets in rural areas under swachh bharat mission rural
A 123              B 315               C 556              D 685

82 where are the major rail locomotive plants located in Uttar Pradesh
A mughasrai region                B kanpur region           
C aligarH region                       D Fatehpur region

83 MGNREGA was launched in uttar Pradesh in which year
A 2005,.          B 2006                        C 2007            D 2008

84 the sex ratio in Uttar Pradesh has move from 898 in years 2001 to ___ in year 2011
A 912              B 922               C 925              D 930
Answer : 908

85 which classical dance form originate in uttar pradesh
A kathak         B bharatanatyam           C kuchipudi      D ghoomar

86 the full form of SGSY is
A swarnajyanti gram surksha yojana B swarnjayanti gram seva yojana
C swarnjayanti gram swarozgar yojana D swarnjayanti gram dak yojana

87 which website has been designed and development to keep the financial health of the state of uttar pradesh and to bring transparency in government transaction
A koshvani     B sristi C nic    D arhsasthra

88 what is meant by jamabandi
A rights of records                 b cloth copy of patwari map
C cultivation record                  D mapping sheet

89 one bigha in central India is equal to how many hectare
A 0.2025 hectare         b 0.3058  hectare         C 0.2529         D 0.4425

90 which type of miles does Uttar Pradesh have in the highest number
A cloth             B sugar           C rice   D steel rolling 

91 which division is considered as the hub of the world finest carpet industries
A Mirzapur     B Devipatan     C Aligarh          D Azamgarh    

92 during British rule which official did the registration of land in uttar pradesh
A lekhpal          B kazi               C governor     D clerk

93 which scheme was launched with a view to benefit BPL families who have been left out of the bPL lists
A samajwadi awas yojana         BY prime minister rozgar yojana
C samajwadi pension yojana D Mukhyamantri mahamaya garib arthik madad yojana

94 what is the frequency of check expected to be done under the mid day meal programme for monitoring of cleanliness in cooking , serving and consumption
A weekly          B fortnightly      C Daily           D quarterly

95 in which year was the Uttar Pradesh road side land control act passed
A 1945            B 1947             C 1952            D 1956

96 what is the level of annual family income set in the ninth five year 1997-2002 for BPL in rural areas
A 20000          B 18000           C 25000          D 28000

97 the social forestry program aims at the large scale tree plantation in all the following area expect
A along road and railway tracks
B in degrade forest reserved
C On common land unsuitable for cropping
D in urban industries estate

98 what is uttar pradesh rank among the state of Indian in term of area
A second          B third  C fourth            D fifth

99 how many major division does uttar pradesh have along with 75 distt
A 18    B 23     C 27    D 32

100 as per the census of India 2011 the population density per square kilometer in uttar pradesh is
A 620              b 720               C 829              D 920

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